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Dreamy whiskey dangerous. Owns a shop where she briefly (2 months tops) worked a very loose, part-time gig while learning more about the occult and loose teas in the meantime. Have you seen that shop? Occult books in seemingly random placement in a dozen unmatched dark-wood book-cases. A million tea blends. It's like Narnia, but for adults. But the rules? He answers more questions with questions than he comes close to answering. The man knows how to dance. And that accent? Sometimes rules are the only thing between oneself and the truly dangerous. The problem is: what happens when dangerous is also safe? What to do? Perhaps insanity is underrated.

Haven (& Hazel)
Lovely woman with an adorable daughter. Fiercely protective. May not have the best impression of Emilia, sadly.

The Man. Owns a bit of what Em calls heaven, an indoor, permanent flea market, which puts him on The List. The Boss. Kind to interesting elderly women. Gives excellent tours and prizes if you ask the right way which makes him a bit irresistible to Mimi. Knows the magic words. Absolutely excellent with accents of all kinds. Does good things for people in need. Possible employment or simply someone to yard sale marathon with or to dumpster dive with in all the best secret spots. Self-professed Cheetos-Satanist-cult member. Are the birds Hitchcockian? Likes to play games and commits acts of parkour from time to time. Shh. They're listening. Is there an antipode to Flea Market Blues? He deserves to be on the receiving end for once. He grabbed my hand and we jumped! He's a sweet-talking, sugar-coated Candy Man. (I don't know why I can't think of anything I would rather do than be wasting my time on mountains with you.) (see: Mountain Duet @ 3:10)

Eric (NPC)
Mimi has an adopted brother who is sixteen years older than her. (Yes, in fact. She was an unexpected surprise for her parents when she came along.) He works in finance in Zurich, Switzerland. He's the closest immediate family she has now that both her mother and her father have passed (separately). He looks after her as well as a brother can do from across nearly two continents and the Atlantic. Needless to say, the money she inherited upon her father's death is well invested and watched over by her big bother.


Graham (NPC)
Art school photography instructor who 'took Mimi under his wing'. He is an excellent photographer and taught Emilia much of what she knows over her first year after high school. And not just about photography. He's also a cad who she fell hard for. Administration found out he was consorting with a student and he lost his job. She worked for him at Camera World for a few months after that. But they have a tendency to set off each other's fuses, and not in a good way. Needless to say, Mimi doesn't work there any longer. Drunk dialing sometimes happens. He also hooks her up from time to time with a coffee house or bistro where she can hang her photographs for sale for a few weeks. She sometimes helps out with his side-gig of doing head shots for actors or other performers.


Blue (NPC)
Em's original favorite flavor of trouble. The epitome of cool. Can sometimes get you into places you might not be supposed to get into. Locked doors. Security systems. Stolen cars. Even some online hacking. Ex-boyfriend. They dated during her senior year of high school. Going through Blue is sometimes a walk in a park, and other times inexplicably difficult. (Possible Gaian Ties)


Mack (NPC)
Street contact. Slippery little sucker. Thinks the fake accent gives him cred. Drugs. Fake IDs. Underground parties. Gray market items. Gambling hideaways. Info. Mack almost always knows a guy. Watch out what favors you call in and which guys you get tangled up with. Mack likes Mimi because she pays what she said she would, but also because she'd be perfect for That Thing.

Mom & Dad (NPCs)
Mimi's spirited mother died of cancer when she was 9. Her witty and charming father died of a broken heart just after her 17th birthday. Her personality is very similar to her mother's, but some of her edges and her humor she gets from her dad. They were well enough off financially that between the inherited estate, the life insurance payouts, and her brother's exceptional investment skills and stock market intuition, she has enough money to live a solid upper middle class life with a few splurges from time to time (and an upper class financial portfolio). She doesn't behave at all as if she grew up spoiled, for the most part. Her jobs tend to either be because she likes the area of work, the people, or to save up for special things. She still drives her father's car (see rp hooks) because it's a connection to him she can hold onto. That 11 year old car is in the best shape any 11 year old car can be in.

EmDad2.jpg EmMom1.jpg

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RP Hooks

It's a nice car. But it's a more than a decade old. 2012 Audi R8 Spyder (V10) in a shimmery, slate blue color. To Em's credit, the car is in pristine condition (she knows how to check the oil, the tire pressure, and even change a flat tire -- but she also knows a very trustworthy mechanic and has the vehicle serviced at regular intervals; and she knows a guy who installed a state of the art security system) if one doesn't count the mileage on the odometer in that assessment. It's a convertible, but then this is SoCal. It's not a car with an ostentatious name brand. But it's quality. And the girl apparently knows how to -drive-. (Inherited upon her father's death, along with enough that she gets by just fine without needing to work for more than money for play. But she's not rich. Just well-invested and set up. Unless one takes note of her expensive camera equipment, it'd be easy to guess she's working class. Truthfully enough. She does have several very part-time jobs and commitments.) The car, however, with its powerful engine and its manual transmission, somehow suits her. Sunglasses, auburn hair whipping in the wind, and a small smile. That's the snapshot, right there. Careful, though. Mimi is rather protective of her car. Perhaps there's some feeling of connection to her deceased father for her in it.

Mimi believes everyone has a responsibility to care for the environment. She participates in clean-ups, recycling programs, community outreach, and other such activities. She enjoys spending time in natural settings.

She went to school in a middle/upper class neighborhood of Prospect. Were you in high school locally between 2015 and 2019? Did you attend the post high-school Kennedy School of the Arts in 2019-2020? Did you meet her while she was a barista for a few months at Coffee People in 2022? Do you go to raves around town or hang out at flea markets? Do you attend environmental events around the area? Maybe you've met. Perhaps you were classmates. Do you know any of her NPC contacts? Want to establish a pre-existing relationship?

Loft Living
Emilia lives in the industrial district of town in a loft that someone who had a six figure salary might have (resources: 4). Do you live nearby? Neighbor?

With an inherited older but higher end record player and a (also inherited) wall of albums (the majority of which are pre-2008), Mimi loves all kinds of music. Her tastes run all over the place. Share something new with her and she'll be your pal.

She was always interested in secret things that people explain away, superstitions, the suggestion of the existence of aliens or other creatures, alchemy, a strange sort of magic endowed in people and things, and so on. She has her own opinions on the afterlife, her own compendium of superstitions for just about any occasions, and believes very seriously and strongly in LUCK, good and bad.

Mimi enjoys having a good time. Drinking, dancing, meeting new people, maybe a few of the lighter recreational drugs ... Once she's there and in the zone? With the right company, anything could happen.

Emilia traveled extensively with her mother and father throughout Western Europe when she was younger before her mother passed, and then later, her father, too. She'd like to travel more, but she'd prefer to do it with a friend or two.

It's rare that Emilia isn't seen with her camera. Most often she uses a Nikon Z7 II body with a 24-120 mm lens. She moves as though the camera is more an extension of her body than an item she carries around. She takes pictures of all sorts of things, but one of her favorite things to do is go someplace busy and public and take candid shots of people doing the things people do. From time to time she finds a bistro or coffee shop or upscale market with a seating area in which to display her work for sale.

Rare Finds
Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops. (Oh my?) One of Mimi's favorite activities is finding diamonds in the rough, steals, or one-of-a-kind items. (See below: buttons)

Not about a flea market, or at a flea market. From a flea market. Of it, born from it, cobbled together or fashioned from pearl-handled baby spoons, Amish clocks, weathered license plates, frayed copies of Life magazine, beat-up ukuleles, cigarette smoke, dried mud, and the lazy cacophony of hagglers, collectors, and weekend comedians. Neither song is dressed as kitsch or irony; they’re not dressed “as” anything. Each is simply the expendable, the boxed-up and unpacked, the well-handled, common, and priced-to-sell stuff of shopworn America that someone thinks ought to be worth something to somebody. And it is. (Flea Market Music, Pop Matters: The Felice Brothers)

Em has a few tattoos, some of which will be visible, depending on the situation.
Right hand lower arm and ring finger: tangling vine.
Left hand, inside wrist: two delicate fish loosely alluding to Yin and Yang.
Left collar bone almost to shoulder: Flying bird or birds.
Left rib cage, high: simple ocean wave, minimal line work.
Right side of abdomen: Octopus about the size of a small hand or a large palm.

Vintage Buttons (early to mid 20th century, fashion buttons)
Em collects these somewhat compulsively. But she's very picky. It's not unusual for one to fall out of one of her pockets if she's digging there for something else. It's not a secret, but she doesn't advertise. However, if you figure this out and find the Right One? You win. And she can't be held responsible for her reaction. It's the law. (Or not.) A certain button on the right occasion presented in just the right way might just be better than jewelry.

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A Few Random Portfolio Shots


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Emilia Fitzpatrick

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Full Name: Emilia (Mimi, Em) Katherine Fitzpatrick

Birthdate: 1 January, 2001

Race: Gaian

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Auburn-Gold

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Concept: Bohemian Muse, Capricious Companion, and Photographer

Nature: Gambler

Demeanor: Explorer

Played by: Kate Winslet

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