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FACADE Subject: #552010

Type: Hostile Enviroment Recon Construct

Progress: HERC #552010 has shown good reaction to training and stimulus, genetic modifications and implants are stable with no rejections. Minor flaws to cerebrum has lessened the subjects reading comprehension but not to a point that would classify as defect as still capable of mission briefings if at a slower pace. Issues with tense muscle tissue are still present but has not fatigued said tissues, continued diagnostics to check for fatigue or celldamage to ensure full capability through lifespan.

Evaluation: Functional

Unit Requisition #451232 by BCD: Approved

BCD HERC Unit #552010 Designation: Duncan

Unit #552010 took well to micro grav and combat training, doing well in xenobiology and biotech even though his chronic dyslexia. It performed well in live excercises and training missions. However after several deep space missions a not considered defect has shown. Unit #552010s calories consumption is far beyond what it should be, being a drain upon the vessels he served upon it has been deemed by Command that Unit #552010 should be dirtbound where resources are sufficient to keep it functional through its lifespan.

Unit Transfer: Approved

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Eden -Has helped us a great bit, a good friend

Agent J - Odd humor, seems friendly enough

Midge - Tall, rather curious

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RP Hooks
Retired - Duncan is retired and his first time on Dirtball, so he is going to have a look around

Eating - If there is food, Duncan is surely near, specially if free. High metabolism is a curse, but tastey one usually.
Xenos - If you are not xenos, you probably safe (For the Emperor, wait what?)

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Full name: Duncan Adams
Date of Birth: May 5, 2010
Nationality: American
Occupation: Recon
Race: FACADE Clone
Faction: Technocracy
Convention: Requisitioned to Void Engineers
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
Height: 6'5"


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