Dr. Waber

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“I understand you’re a neurosurgeon.”

“No, I’m a barber, but a lot of people make that mistake.”'

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RP Hooks
Dr. Esilonia Waber
Apparent Age: 56

Influence 2: Dr. Waber has been published in several medical journals over the last ten years. Her work centers on the fields of Biochemistry and Genetics. She is well respected online by the medical community and has been offered a position on the board of trustees at Prospect Memorial Hospital. She currently works closely with hospital staff through email correspondence and occasionally makes appearances in person.

Esi Dubs
Apparent Age: 27
Hacker: Known online and in certain circles as EsiDubs. A black hat hacker and technological whizkid.

Dr. Waber
Apparent Age: Unknown
Nosferatu Clan Prestige 2: She is a well respected Kindred scientist with ties to various Broods around the United States and Eastern Europe. Her methods are sometimes questionable and her work with the Malkavian Dr. Douglas Netchurch is virtually infamous but her insight over the years has been invaluable.

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Dr. Waber
Dr. waber.jpg

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  • Long Fingers
  • False Reflection
  • Swarm Attractor (Bees)


  • Overconfident

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Notable Stats


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