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Terrifying - that moment when the man you should distrust the most, is the one you need to rely on.

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Ventrue "Money, politics and power. They all have their vice, though. No matter how they wish they could deny it, it's there."
Nosferatu "Honest and knowledgable. Too knowledgable, honestly. Good for information - make sure to pay them well, though."
Gangrel "Base instinct and a general want to be left alone. Some of them have some epic stories, though."
Tremere "My, how my world has changed."
Malkavian "I cannot fathom their lives as it stands. They see things that would make the best acid trip look tame."
Brujah "Sometimes their anger is a tool for them, sometimes it is a tool for us."
Toreador "Almost too easy, yes? Decadence, pleasure, frippery. Some, though, are not so easy as you'd expect."
Kindred "Locked in the chains they can't even see."
Sabbat "I am sure they mean well, but their dogma is flawed."
Tzimisce "One evening, I might like to see how that sculpting goes..."
Lasombra "I wasn't aware that Hot Topic had taken interest in Kindred affairs."
Giovanni "Allies? Business partners? It's hard to say - but so many goals could be accomplished with the union."
Assamites "Boogeymen - assassins. I hope to never have need of them, or to run afoul of them."
Caitiff "Give them hope. Give them vision. Draw them in."

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  • Alejandro - The top of the pyramid... I know, bad choice of words, but still. Good man, look forward to doing business with him and offering him my assistance.
  • Aubrey - Quite the unexpected! I wasn't aware of the close-knit alliance, this will be good!
  • Anja - Quite the wonderful woman. We make amazing music together - shall we continue the dance?

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Full Name: Diaz Amor
Date of Birth: February 1994
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 6' 2"

Appearance : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.png
Charisma : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.png
Manipulation : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.png

Subterfuge : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.png
Style : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.png
Occult : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.png
Fast-Talk : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.pngWinedot.png

Merit : Honeyed Tongue
Merit : Animal Magnetism

Resources : Winedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.pngWinedot-filled.png

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RP Hooks
  • Spaniard - Born and raised in Bilbao, Spain - he certainly has the poise and confidence found in that region.

  • Wealthy - Born into money, and a rather shrewd investor - he's able to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer.

  • Hedonist - Live life to the fullest, enjoy whatever you enjoy.

  • Stylish - In almost every occasion, he's dressed to impress.

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