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Davis Aaron Rocastle was born and raised in Orangeburg, SC, attending the local public high school and working at the neighborhood grocery store to help support his family. Like many young men in the area, he did not feel his options for life after high school were very wide and varied, so he decided to join the Army JRROTC his sophomore year. Never the smartest in his class, he was perhaps the hardest working and the most committed student that came through the last decade. As a reward, he was offered a scholarship to attend The Citadel military college and compete on the Bulldog rifle team. During his college career, he also enlisted in the Army Reserves, making his Army anniversary exactly on his 18th birthday. Upon graduation, having served as Battalion leader, Davis was commissioned into the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant.

After serving an extended enlistment period, Davis returned to the Army Reserves where he still serves. His work in Military Intelligence was perfect training for a Federal Agent, so Davis applied to and was hired as a Special Agent in the Homeland Security Investigations Unit. Recently, he was transferred to the West Coast office and assigned to work in Prospect.


Since joining Homeland Security, Davis has been working with ICE to investigate human smuggling operations in our nation’s harbors and border checkpoints. Half of his time is spent on the computer, phone, and writing reports, the other half is spent in the field, following leads, helping with undercover work, and even going undercover himself when necessary. Most of his time was spent working at the Boston harbor, but he’s also worked in Charleston, SC and Baltimore, Maryland.

Since arriving in Prospect, he’s spent some time working on a multinational task force in Tijuana tracking shipments from cartel bosses in Mexico City that was rumored to contain young girls, and a cache of exotic animals. The work turned up nothing, but corruption inside of the Mexican Government was blamed.


After receiving his commission, Davis received additional training in Military Intelligence, and was eventually sent on his first deployment to the Middle East. This was the first of four rotations he was on, and each time he was attached to combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. His job was to lead intelligence operations in forward command bases, and at times, going out into the field with the troops to experience for himself what his team faced. He speaks fluent Pashto, and can understand several dialects, so he’s done everything from intercepting enemy communications, to interrogating captured members of the Taliban.

Since leaving active duty, he serves in the Army Reserves in the 317th Military Intelligence Battalion, based right here in Prospect.

Date of Birth: August 12, 1991
Looks: Late 20s, Early 30s
Occupation: Federal Agent (Homeland Security)
Race: Human
Nationality: American
Military Service: US Army/US Army Reserves
Brigade: 66th Military Intelligence
Battalion: 2nd Military Intelligence
Reserves: 314th Military Intelligence
Rank: Captain
66 MI Bde DUI.png 2 MI Bn DUI.png 314 MI Bn DUI.png