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Many sights, only night, nectar chills, time is blight
See them swimming, drowning fright, where am I, lost in sight
Draw the symbols, close my eyes, still my breath, dream inside,
flames ignite to clean my soul, scream in fright but wake once more
Many sights but only night .. the nectar chills as time is blight ..
Still see them swimming, drowning in their fright, but where am I ..
still lost in sight...
Must draw the symbols .. close my eyes .. still my breath
as I dream inside
Flames again ignite my soul, I hear my screams as I'm purified once more.

- by Damien Mercer'



Here or There

Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Writer, IT support
Sect: Camarilla
Demeanor: Loner
Flaws of Note: Diabolic Sire


Plot Hooks

Spirit Sight:

Damien's eyes are open to the various realms normally unseen by the naked eye. He's learned to stay quiet about it around others who would not understand. The things he sees sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrific.''

Internet Presence:
You know what's great about the computer? I don't have to see the rest of the world around me. I can focus on the screen, go and see what I want, and talk to others without physical interaction. My writings are often posted online, but I am not famous because of them.

A World of Darkness

Camarilla "There will always be dipshits that ruin it for everyone. The Camarilla tries to avoid that considering that ruining it for everyone typically means our extinction...."
Sabbat "My Sire believes they are the true heroes and that the Camarilla are the true threat. The other side will always see villains regardless of truth. Knowing that allows you to understand how dangerous they can be..."
Anarchs "Some people just don't see the bigger picture. They live inside Camarilla walls but shout for freedom and independence. They remind me of Americans who never had to see what real anarchy looks like and really don't appreciate their ability to bitch."
Independent "Sometimes there are those who cannot or will not be able to exist within a faction. These will likely be best to avoid as, if you're not one of them, you are expendable, and at the end of the night, they're in it for survival. As such, I wouldn't be unfriendly towards Independents, but there's nothing I can think of to side with them over the Camarilla....."
Mortals "In life, I was a conformist. I liked to think otherwise, but really that's all I was. Too scared or too inept to take control of my life. This is how mortals tend to be. They're sheep. On occasion, one strays from the flock for positive or negative outcomes, while the rest dream of doing the same but never will...."
Mages "Nope with a side of nope. I don't know them. Don't want to know them. Don't want to know if you know them...."
Lupines "I've seen them run by me while they were in the umbra. If I could have shit myself, I would have. I'm staying the fuck away from the woods...."
Ghosts "Memories endure... but so does pain."







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