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“More and more I find myself asking if it's all worth fighting for.

For a future without fear.

Yeah, its worth it."

― Strelok13

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Mage "Make tricky friends. Though, this isn't Salem."
Vampire "They fight each other over what belongs to us. This is not their time anymore."
Werewolf "Watch for the good ones. Don't get in their way."
Mortal "They don't need to know our fight. They're not ready. I sure hope they wake up soon though."
Changeling "Haven't seen one of these yet. But if Grimm's is to be trusted, I wouldn't want to get near these."
Demon "I want to know if that salt across window's shit works. Not about to trust salt over a claymore though."
HTRZombie.png "Two in the head, kill it again with fire. The dead should stay dead."
HTRPuppets.png "Some need a bullet to the head. Others need a detox. Don't take too long in figuring out which is which."

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RP Hooks

Gone Private: Damek served in the military. Though the private sector pays -much- better

CEO of Omega Security Solutions. The Final Word in Security

Need a job? Omega Security is always looking for more employees.

Not a soldier? Not a problem. Omega hires all types. We need cooks, logistics, mechanics. If you've got skills come and see him.

Hunter.pngYou're not alone.Hunter.png

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Notable Stats

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Full Name: Damek Reznik
Hunter.Net Handle Strelok13
Date of Birth: July 4th 1980
Heritage: American Mutt
Demeanor: Survivor
Nature: Soldier
Apparent Age: 38
Height: 6'3"


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