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Birth Name: It's "Go Fuck Yourself"
Date of Birth: October 17th, 1998
Apparent Age: 18-21
Demeanor: Survivor
Hometown: New Orleans
Played By: Ash Stymest

Tradition: Hollow Ones
Type: Railroad Riders
Essence: Dynamic
Resonance: Desperate
Sphere Specialty: Prime
Clique: None (Formerly The Storyville Six)
Foci: Wands, Tattoos, Clothing, Music, Nicotine, Incense, Urban Hodgepodge (Scrawling a circle on the sidewalk with chalk, and burning cigarettes down as candles, for instance), Pop Occultism, Spellbooks, Jewelry, Symbolic Trinkets


A battered and tired youth with a chip on his shoulder and gothic romance in his heart.

D'arcy showed up in Prospect in November of 2017, and he hasn't been very public about his past. He is apparently a Councilor, which is the term for a Hollow One who wants to belong to the Traditions. Some H.O.'s also refer to them as 'cock-sucking sell-outs'. It can be assumed from his accent that he's from New Orleans, or thereabouts. He's homeless, and seems to have been on the road for a long time, and apparently is quite happy there.

He might seem a bit terse or untrusting, but if you break down the walls, as a few have, he turns out to be a very loyal, very passionate friend. Still, he's one of those people who feels alone even in a crowded room. He fits in with the Hollow One ideas very well, even if he breaks the 'stereotype' by avoiding silk and black velvet. Still, he falls into a lot of the fashion and clique ideas. He loves his 'Tradition'.


  • Homeless: He crashes on couches sometimes, and manages to con people out of showers to enjoy and washing machines to use quite often, but don't let that fool you. D'Arcy is homeless, as he has been for a good while now. He doesn't seem in a rush to live in some random Chantry, or be taken in by a total stranger, either. Also, he had some bad experiences with shelters in the past. Eventually he might find a home that fits, though. He is currently crashing in that rundown building on D St. and Sunset. He camps out on the roof, mostly, as he has a think about cramped spaces.

  • Goth: No black velvet or platform shoes or anything like that, but D'Arcy identifies as Goth. The subculture is filled with dozens of other, smaller styles and subcultures, and he certainly falls into one of them. He tends towards dark colors and reds, and he has a lot of fitting tattoos. His music choice also falls into the subculture, with a big love for 80's-early 2000's goth, especially He also loves some other stuff, like Oingo Boingo and the like.

  • Educated: He dropped out of High School to study Magick and also take care of his siblings, but he knows a lot. He can talk about history, or discuss various poets or writers. He falls into a severe love for gothic romance and the like, along with classic horror, too.

  • The Road: D'Arcy is a 'railroad rider', which means he spends, or has spent, a lot of time on the road. Whether sneaking aboard trains, hitchhiking or walking, R.R.'s move from clique to clique, delivering information for the Tradition. The Hollow Ones tend to be more paranoid about the Nephandi and Union then even other Traditions, and this is one of the main ways they pass information about movements and similar. Also, gossip. It's an important and rough position within the Tradition.

  • Cross-Over: He was taught a bit about the other races by his former mentor, and he is enormously curious about them. He has a Wonder that lets him see the Fae, and Wraiths when he needs to, as well. Hollow Ones have entire sections in their Tradition Book about dealing with and hanging out with other races, to the point of having subfactions dedicated to making friends with the various groups. If you are not a Mage and want to become friends or frenemies with D'Arcy, I am absolutely down.


This handsome youth looks like he is probably somewhere between eighteen and twenty one. An exact age is hard to pin down. His skin is pale and smooth and marked with numerous tattoos. His dark hair is short on the side and long on top, often left wild or combed up and back. It is a current, trendy style. He has small black gauges in each earlobe, and a tiny inverted cross tattoo at the far corner of his left eye.

He is a slender and tightly muscled 5'10". His body is not bulky but he is clearly very fit. He has tight, firm muscles. He has various tattoos all over his body, though must tend to be conceealed. He tends towards dark clothing that accentuates his form.

Across his fingers are the words MISCHIEF, and he has a cartoonish skull and crossbones on the back of one hand. A few other tattoos stand out on his arms, like an icy heart. His clothing is worn, and most of it is utilitarian, though fitting a gothic style. He is clearly homeless, but still keeping to a gothic punk idea. Battered boots, dark jeans and faded goth band t-shirts, most from the 1980's. When it is cold enough for a jacket, he tends towards a battered leather jacket over a black and grey flannel to keep warm.



Other Spooks

The Unknowing

Notable Statistics

  • Appearance: (Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png) - Pretty cute goth kid.
  • Crafts: (Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png) - He can paint and draw pretty well.
  • Banality: - Lower then the average person!
  • Nightmares: (Fpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png) "The darkness drops again; but now I know that twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle..."
  • Lores (Changeling, Wraith, Garou, Vampire): (Fpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png) - Hollow Ones were written for cross-over, and he is no different.
  • Arete: (Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngEpdot.pngEpdot.png) - He's learning fast.
  • Dream: (Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.png) - "But in that sleep, what dreams may come?" (Yes, I know that actually means death. Shut up.)


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