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These are not house rules. They are intended to reiterate canon rules in a convenient central location, and should reference which book/page they are reiterating.

  • If they contradict that book/page, assume it's a mistake and correct it.
  • If they contradict a different book/page, ask staff for a house ruling on which one is used.


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Changeling Storyteller's Guide page 85


Changeling Storyteller's Guide pages 88-89


Changeling Storyteller's Guide pages 92-93


Changeling Storyteller's Guide page 95


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Disciplines and Gifts

  • Animalism (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Animalism treats Garou in lupus form as though they were Garou, not ordinary animals. No Animalism power that effects specifically animals will have any effect on Garou.
    • Animalism 1: Feral Whispers, can be used to communicate with Garou in lupus form normally.
    • Powers that affect a Garou's Beast function normally.
  • Auspex (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Auspex powers can be used to pierce Gifts of stealth and the like.
    • Auspex 5: Psychic Projection uses the Shadowlands, as opposed to the Astral Plane.
  • Chimerstry (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Illusions must be crafted carefully to affect a Garou's senses. Assume that the Garou gains an automatic attempt to 'prove' the illusion's falsehood, unless the Vampire possesses Heightened Senses himself, and can accurately construct the layers of scent and other extra details.
  • Dominate (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Dominate 5: Possession, is not as effective on Garou. If the Garou target achieves three successes more than the Vampire on the resisted roll, the attempt is broken. If the Garou achieves five successes before breaking the attempt, he becomes immune to further Domination attempts as though the Vampire had botched.
  • Obfuscate (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Obfuscate does not reach into the Penumbra. A Garou who peeks from the Penumbra will see a Vampire in its true form, not the form it wishes to be seen.
  • Obtenebration (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • A Garou is at -1 difficulty on frenzy rolls when Obtenebration powers are active nearby.
  • Protean (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Protean 2: Feral Claws, is able to be soaked by Garou. Their natural ability to soak aggravated damage is considered 'a power such as Fortitude.'
  • Thaumaturgy (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Path of Blood 4: Theft of Vitae, inflicts one health level of lethal damage on a Garou for every two blood points stolen.
    • Path of Blood 5: Cauldron of Blood, inflicts one level of aggravated damage on a Garou for every two blood points boiled.
  • Vicissitude (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Garou heal Vicissitude alterations as though they were aggravated damage.
  • Healing Gifts (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • No healing Gift can heal a Vampire. Gifts such as Mother's Touch do not work on the Undead, and Vampires are not inanimate objects.
  • Resist Toxin (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • Resist Toxin cannot prevent Ghouling, although it gives the Garou four extra dice to soak effects through Disciplines such as Quietus that inflict damage through supernaturally 'poisonous' blood or other substances.
  • Mindblock (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 197)
    • The Silver Fang Gift: Mindblock works against Presence and Dominate effects as direct mental attacks, and Obfuscate as a 'more insidious psychic assault.'

Spheres and Gifts

  • Life (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 199)
    • Garou are half spirit, and thus can only be affected by Life effects when paired with an equal amount of Spirit.\
  • Countermagic (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 199)
    • Magi may use Countermagic to defend themselves against Gifts or fetish powers that are directly targeted at them. This is usually done with Spirit. Other Spheres may be used in its place, such as Mind to counteract the Gift Roll Over. The Arete roll uses the opposing Garou's Rank +3 as a difficulty, with successes cancelling out on a 1:1 basis.

Arcanoi and Gifts

  • Fatalism (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Garou doomed to die do not manifest Deathmarks, and Fatalism powers that focus on Deathmarks are useless on Garou.
  • Inhabit (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Wraiths cannot use Inhabit to possess fetishes.
  • Keening (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Keening 1: Dirge, if used on a Garou with five or more successes, will drive a Garou into Harano for a week.
    • Keening 4 and 5 will force Garou listeners to make frenzy checks.
  • Lifeweb (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Lifeweb cannot be used to establish a soul pact with a Garou.
  • Moliate (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Moliate cannot be used to shape a Garou's flesh, but the weapons created using Martialry inflict aggravated damage on Garou.
  • Outrage (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Outrage 3: Stonehand Punch, inflicts lethal damage on Garou.
    • Outrage 5: Obliviate, inflicts aggravated damage on Garou.
  • Phantasm (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Phantasm 1 and 5 do not work on Garou.
  • Garou in the Shadowlands (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 201)
    • Gifts are at +1 difficulty when used in the Dark Umbra. Gifts that do not require a roll function normally.
    • A Garou may spend a Gnosis point at any time to drop out of the Shadowlands back into the physical world.

Arts and Gifts

  • Chicanery (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 202)
    • Powers such as Veiled Eyes cannot reach into the Penumbra, and do not affect observers there.
    • Certain applications of Haunted Heart may provoke a frenzy check when used on Garou.
  • Legerdemain (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 202)
    • To control a fetish, the Changeling must beat the fetish in a resisted roll. The Changeling's Willpower vs the fetish's Gnosis.
  • Primal (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 202)
    • Holly Strike inflicts aggravated damage, and can be soaked by Garou.
  • Fianna (Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, Revised. Pg. 202)
    • Any Changeling within a mile of a Fianna using the Gift: Faerie Kin may make a Willpower roll, difficulty 8, to resist the summons. Those who answer the summons do not have to follow the Garou without question, but disobeying without good reason may make the Changeling some enemies among other Fae who want to see the ancient pacts upheld.


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IMPORTANT: These have not yet been re-checked against 20th Anniversary rules.


  • The basic ability, as well as Fatalism 1 and 3, can be used on creatures other than wraiths. (Buried Secrets, pg. 22)


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  • Technocratic cyborgs and machines without sufficient Dimensional Science shielding against it are susceptible to any Inhabit abilities that can affect machines or computers, although the Shroud rating in these machines is usually high. (Buried Secrets, pg. 22)
  • Virtual Adepts are able to construct defenses from Inhabit for their machines with Spirit 2. To get past these defenses, roll Wits + Inhabit vs 8. Otherwise, their machinery is just as exposed. (Buried Secrets, pg. 22)
  • Sons of Ether machinery and electronics do not conform to the standard laws of physics. In addition to being able to shield these systems, any wraith attempting to Inhabit such machinery must make an Intelligence check (Difficulty 7), or be trapped in the systems for up to a day. (Buried Secrets, pg. 22)


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  • Keening 1 can be used to remove Rage from Garou. Roll at difficulty 9, each success removes a single point of rage. (Buried Secrets, pg. 22-23)
  • Keening 2 can be used to give Rage to Garou. Roll at difficulty 9, each success gives a single point of rage. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)

(More to come.)


  • Lifeweb 5 can be used on supernatural creatures as well as mortals. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)


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  • Outrage 4 cannot be used to directly ignite a creature, but can be used to ignite their clothes, items, etc. (Buried Secrets, pg 23.)
  • Outrage 5 can be used against any creature equally. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)


  • Pandemonium 4 cannot create complex materials, such as silver. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)
  • Pandemonium 4 can be used to create blood that vampires can ingest. For every 2 successes, 1 blood point is created, although this blood is generally clotted and disgusting to vampires. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)
  • Pandemonium 5 cannot be used in conjunction with extra actions from other supernatural abilities. (It can, however, be used on its own) (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)
  • Pandemonium 5 can be used to remove extra actions from supernatural sources such as Celerity, Rage, and the Time sphere. A simple Time or Correspondence 3 effect can be used to counteract this effect, but only once the mage becomes aware of what is going on. (Buried Secrets, pg. 23)


  • Phantasm in general works on vampires just as it does everyone else (Yes, even Phantasm 5.) (Buried Secrets, pg. 24)
  • When pulling supernatural creatures into Dreamscapes using Phantasm 1, the following applies (Buried Secrets, pg. 24):
    • Vampires do not have access to any disciplines while in a dreamscape.
    • Garou have access to any of their spiritual and mental based gifts, but not their physical gifts.
    • Mages have access to their Spheres, but are under the same restrictions as they would be in the normal Underworld.
    • Changeling have access to any and all abilities while in the dreamscape, as well as their chimera.


  • All supernatural creatures are just as susceptible to Puppetry as normal humans. However, if aware that they are being meddled with, they can spend a Willpower point and roll Willpower vs 8 to counteract the Art being used. However, this assault must be anticipated. Whereas Puppetry 1-3 are almost impossible to predict, repeated assaults like Puppetry 4-5 can be countered in this way. (Buried Secrets, pg. 24)
  • When attempting to possess a Dominated individual, the possessing wraith and the vampire make a contested Willpower roll. This only comes up if the Puppeteer is attempting to counteract a directly controlling order. Subjects conditioned over time using Dominate can be used for short term projects. (Buried Secrets, pg. 24)
  • Creatures under the effects of Presence can be controlled without any conflict between Discipline and Arcanos. (Buried Secrets, pg. 24)


  • In addition to healing or harming as usual on supernatural creatures, Usury can be used to remove or bestow the following magical energies with Usury 4 (Usually at +3 diff, up to a maximum of 10), after the wraith has identified his subject as having them of course (Buried Secrets, pg. 24):
    • Blood (Not the physical blood itself, but the energy in the blood.)
    • Gnosis
    • Quintessence
    • Glamour