Craig Moore

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"A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns."

― Mario Puzo
RP Hooks
Legal Advice - If you're in some kind of legal trouble, or think you might soon be, Craig's the lawyer you want to talk to. Though he's now much more concerned with corporate litigation, his firm does still handle criminal defense work, and that's the field of law he started out in. His hourly rate isn't exactly cheap, but he's willing to cut deals for people who have things more valuable than money to trade - especially information.

Local Politics - Craig makes no secret of the fact that he's gearing up to run for a seat on Prospect's city council, intending to use it as a stepping stone to launch a California political career. Being a Republican in Southern California means never winning elections, but he's hoping to change that dynamic. If you're in a position to help, he'd be very interested in meeting you.

Power Brokering - While he's an extremely competent lawyer, his real trade these days is in information, secrets, scandal, and anything else that can move the subtle levers of power the way he wants them to move. If you've got dirt on someone important, he'll happily reward you for it.

Law School - In the process of getting your JD at UC Prospect? Consider taking Craig's Commercial Law: Secured Transactions course after your 1L. It only meets once a week.

Investigations - Craig's always in need of investigators for his firm's work, but he's also on the lookout for a capable private investigator - licensed or not - to do some personal work for him, due to his recently growing suspicions that his wife might be having an affair.

Character In Brief
Here's a guy who's seemingly got it all - the lucrative job, the nice house in the suburbs, the luxury sports car, the trophy wife with the fake tits, the admiration and respect of his peers, and everything else that should make a man satisfied with his station in life.

But it's not enough. The lucrative job doesn't satisfy the cravings for power, the nice house isn't an exorbitant mansion, the luxury sports car isn't part of a fleet, and the trophy wife came with four kids from a previous marriage. None of it's perfect and none of it's enough.

Craig's been a slick over-achiever his whole life, and he doesn't intend to stop being one now. A hard-working charmer with the soul (or lack thereof) of a bureaucrat, striving for power is the milieu he's most comfortable in. Wheeling and dealing is his way of life. He's not a violent man, but he's not a moral one, either, whatever his trappings of traditional conservatism might lead one to believe. He won't do anything to get what he wants, but he'll do a lot.

Full Name: Craig Eugene Moore
Date of Birth: Nov. 12, 1971
Height: 6' 2"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gray
Occupation: Lawyer & Senior Partner
Employer: Craddock & Moore, LLP
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Marital Status: Married to Kendra Moore