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PvP Happens

Through Risk Escalation, agreed conflict, or Influence actions PvP happens in the World of Darkness. The most important thing to remember is that this is all IC. I repeat. THIS IS ALL IC. The moment you take aggression OOC there is a problem and Staff may need to step in and put the brakes on the conflict. Which may include putting you into timeout. Possibly permanently. What this means is that if someone attacks you, burns down your +hangout, steals a business from you, and/or kills one of the NPCs created by one of your backgrounds.. They are doing this to your CHARACTER. Never assume that they have any animosity to you as a Player. Assuming Player Bad Faith without any evidence and worse claiming it to others is something that Staff will act on. This is how whisper campaigns happen. This is how people have been Banned in the past. You have been warned.

+policy Race War | +policy Assume Good Faith | +policy Player Versus Player | +policy Scorched Earth | +policy Not Fun


Important thing to know and think about when engaging in different forms of PvP.


The more Authoritarian spheres (Shifter, Vampire & Changeling) will sometimes find the need to lock someone up while decisions are made about what to do with them, trials are held, or evidence is fabricated. If you are imprisoning someone there are questions that need answering right off the bat.

  • Where exactly are you putting them?
  • Is it going to be so long you'll need to ask for Risk Escalation? (Risk 2 allows 1 week. Risk 3 allows anything, but anything longer than 1 month, they're entitled to know how long it would be.)
  • Are you searching them and taking their stuff?
    • If Yes, what are you doing with it and where are you putting it?
  • Are you allowing them visitors?
    • If Yes, who is allowed and who isn't?
  • Do you have guards watching them?

Pre-Planning & Rolls

Staff is willing to do basic pre-checks of your plan. We won't tell you if it's a good or bad plan. But we will tell you if the mechanics you plan to use are correct and if the rules work that way. We may warn you of blatant issues that may drag other spheres into it. Example: If you cast this on this city block, the 5 other Supers that live there will ALL get Awareness rolls and may get involved.

In no way will we allow you to pre-roll anything that isn't being done ICly before the active part of the scene.

  • "I am spending blood/activating this gift/casting this spell before I enter" Yes.
  • "I boot the door and here is my attack roll" No.

Any roll where you won't know if it worked or not (Stealth, Sense Wyrm, Scent of the True Form, Presence:Summons, etc.) will be rolled by Staff and the results applied or revealed if appropriate. Declare your modifiers and WP spends in the job or to the Staff running the scene and they will roll privately. This prevents metagaming based on you seeing that you botched/failed/succeeded.