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ChrisThorpeHeader.jpg Chris Thorpe
Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In the time before time, long before the light of civilization fell across the land, most of the world was wild and formless. At that time, a now-forgotten power held sway, a potent force of chaos whose very passing scattered the golden fruits of knowledge and power. The Firstborn were the great wyrms, masters of air and flame. The raw, primitive tones of the newly discovered art formed their magic and might.

Dragons come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The smallest are said to be no larger than a house cat, while the largest have been known to coil themselves around mountains. Despite several overall similarities, however, each dragon is an individual. Mated pairs produce children who resemble neither partner, and “litter-mates” born of the same hatch-brood can differ in profound ways. Some are witty and urbane, collecting works of art and crafting grand lairs with fire and claw. Others are simple brutes, as smart as the average human and far less cultured. A handful are little better than animals, living for centuries on nothing more than instinct, and dwelling in filthy, fouled caves.

Innately magical, all dragons possess elemental gifts. Their ties to the spirits of Creation, the powers of the mind and the arts of humanity breed dizzying talents. Some dragons can transform themselves into unassuming guises. Others hypnotize their prey, fly, command the weather or live beneath the sea. Nearly every great wyrm possesses some form of vile breath. It is said that the elements themselves boil up from within a dragon’s heart. When he rages, the elements spill out in devastating form, manifestations of the universe’s anger. The “traditional” dragon trades in fire, but others exhale storms, poisons, water, even rains of hot mud or sand. When the Industrial Age turns skies to ash, some young dragons are born breathing clouds of smog or toxic waste. As the elements rage, the dragons breathe them into form.

Legal Name: Chris Thorpe
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Professional Soldier
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Trickster
Sphere: Bygone
Concept: Fiery Warrior
Type: Dragon
Element: Fire
Faction: None
Roleplay Hooks
  • Just flew in:

He's pretty new to the area, exploring and meeting local contacts.

  • I'm dead serious:

He never seems to take things too seriously and is pretty easy going, if not a bit sarcastic at times.

  • Existence is war:

For all of his existence he's been a warrior, a soldier and fighting for causes that resonate with him.

  • Curiosity killed the cat:

It's not that he's nosey so much as curious, he has a driving need to know things.


Rebelution: So High

Who's got the chronic that I like?
Right between the lows and the highs
Yes I'm feeling alright
I'm feeling so alive

A Perfect Circle: Outsider

Help me understand why
You've given in to all these
Reckless dark desires

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