Character Generation/Risen

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Select Concept, Faction, Guild (if any), Nature, and Demeanor

  • Faction: Renegades, Heretics, Hierarchy, Guilds, Midnight Express
    • Ferrymen are not available in chargen (per prerequisites from Ends of Empire 98), and wouldn't make sense for a Risen anyway
Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot Notes
Attributes 1 in each + 7/5/3 5
  • Strength must be at least 3
  • Appearance cannot exceed 3
Abilities 13/9/5 2
Arcanoi 5 5
  • Must include at least 1 in Puppetry, and at least 2 in (Embody / Inhabit / Lifeweb)
  • Capped at 3 during chargen
    • Initiate Arcanoi are also capped by Status background (-2 for allied Guild)
  • Disciplines (Wraith20 394-395: Celerity, Fortitude, Potence) are costed same as arcanoi (house rule: 5, not 7)
Backgrounds 5 1
  • Artifact not allowed
  • Mentor / Status is limited to Shadowlands
  • Allies / Contacts / Resources must be specified as either Shadowlands or Skinlands
Passions 10 2
Fetters 10 1
Pathos max 10
starts at 5 + Memoriam
+2 dots per freebie
max total 10
Willpower 6 1 (house rule)
Freebies 15
  • You can spend freebies to reduce your Shadow's freebies
  • You can gain up to 7 freebies by increasing your Shadow's freebies by an equal amount
    • This is outside the usual merit/flaw cap


  • Your Risen does have a Shadow, whether it be banished to the Conduit or in control of her body.
  • The Shadow should be created in accordance with the rules for Shadow creation in Wraith, with an Archetype, Temporary and Permanent Angst scores (house rule: 0 and 4), Dark Passions, Thorns and 10 freebie points.
  • You should specify your Shadow's Conduit (Wraith20 392): one of your Fetters, usually the strongest / most important, and typically small and easily carried (both Risen and Shadow are +1 diff on Willpower rolls while separated from it).
  • Certain Thorns, such as Tainted Relic and Shadow Call, are inapplicable in the Skinlands. Others (Trick of the Light and Devil's Dare, in particular) acquire new power in the lands of the living, and can be devastating when the Shadowguide chooses to employ them.