Character Generation/Possessed

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Choose: Concept, Nature, Demeanor, Type (Kami, Gorgon, Fomor or Drone), Faction

  • Faction: Kami => Gaian, Gorgon => Wyld, Fomor => Wyrm, Drone => Weaver
  • Fomori can also optionally set Breed (see below for some requirements/suggestions)
  • Fomori directly employed by Pentex should set Affiliation = Pentex
Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 6/4/3 5
Abilities 11/7/4 2
Powers 5 not increased with freebies, see below
Backgrounds 5 1
Willpower 3 1
Autonomy 9 perm 10 temp (non-kami only)
Rage (if Berserker power taken) 3 1
Gnosis (if Spirit Ties power taken) 1 2
Freebies 21

Fomori declared as Pentex employees in chargen also get some free backgrounds (Possessed 39):

  • Resources 2
  • Contacts 2 (limited to other Pentex employees)
  • Equipment 1

Possessed powers:

  • 5 free
  • Drones, Fomori, Gorgons: Additional points can be purchased for 2 Temporary Autonomy each
  • Kami, Fomori, Gorgons: Additional points can be purchased by taking an equal number of Taints
  • Gorgons: Not actually possessed humans (Possessed 64), thus need Skinshift or some other ability to look human


  • Reduced as needed to pay for powers (see above)
  • Reduced by the Consecrated background: 1 = 3T, 2 = 5T, 3 = 1P, 4 = 2P, 5 = 3P

Kami: Set +notes for mission statement (what did Gaia create you to do?) and geas (something you're banned from doing)

  • Possessed 82-83: missions are individual, short-term (no long elaborate infiltration of the enemy), and generally involve defending land and living creatures (as a whole, not necessarily individuals)

Taints: However many you want (Drones cannot take Taints).

Willpower cannot exceed Autonomy. Permanent Autonomy can never be lower than 4. (Again, Kami do not have Autonomy.)

Staff should set +effects for the following

  • Enhanced Attribute: +1 (max 8) per 2 power dots
  • Exoskeleton: +1 Str/Sta
  • Unnatural Strength: +4 Str
    • Cannot have both Enhanced Attribute (Str) and Unnatural Strength
    • House rule: These three are limited to +8 per category and +12 total
  • Bestial Mutation: covered by +shift (you should really take Hidden Power merit at this point)
  • Size: +/-1 per 2 power dots

Other +sheet updates based on powers

  • Bulky: +3 health
  • Size: +/-1 health per 2 power dots
  • Thick-Skinned: +1 health per time it's taken (4 dots per time, max times = base Stamina)
  • Berserker: Rage (base 3, can be raised with freebies/XP)
  • Spirit Ties: Gnosis (base 1, can be raised with freebies/XP)

Fomor breeds (Possessed 32-37)

Breed Required Suggested
Gorehounds Berserker, Enhanced Attribute (Strength, Stamina), Regeneration
Taint: Derangement
Enticers Succubus' Veil
Taint: Addiction (Siren cosmetics)
Enhanced Attribute (Appearance, Charisma), Fangs
Taint: Derangement (Delusions of Grandeur, Paranoia)
Brain Eaters disallowed as PCs (along with Brain Eating power)
Hollow Men Dispersion Regeneration
Wasp colony: Flight, Natural Weaponry (stinger), Poison
Constrictor colony: Enhanced Attribute (Strength), Pliant Bones
Rat colony: Enhanced Attribute (Perception), Infectious Bite
Taints: Fading, Infected
Ferectoi Permanent Autonomy can never exceed 5
free Hidden Power merit
cannot take Unpossessed merit (requires Autonomy 6+)
  • This takes precedence over BotWyrm (Possessed is newer)
  • Toads (BotWyrm 116) will be reviewed if/when someone apps one