Character Generation/Hunter

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Choose: Concept, Creed, Nature, Demeanor, Code Name

  • Code Name: Ideally, pick a numeric suffix not used in canon, though this hasn't been strictly enforced in practice
Stat Baseline Freebies per additional dot
Attributes 1 in each + 6/4/3 5
Abilities 11/7/4 2
Backgrounds 5 1
Virtues 3 n/a
Edges based on virtues n/a
"Conviction (hunter)" by creed 1 (not replaced once spent)
(total capped at 8 in chargen)
Willpower 3 1
Freebies 21

Primary virtue must be highest (ties are OK)

Each edge level requires allocating an equal number of dots from its virtue

  • Example: A PC with Zeal 2 could have Defense 1 and Judgment 1 (allocating 1 dot to each edge).
  • Example: A PC with Zeal 3 could have Defense 2 (allocating 1 dot to level 1 and 2 dots to level 2).
Primary virtue Creed Edge Conviction
"Mercy (virtue)" Innocent Innocence 3
Martyr Martyrdom 4
Redeemer Redemption 3
"Vision (virtue)" Visionary "Vision (edge)" 3
Hermit Solitude 3
Wayward Deviance 4
Zeal Avenger "Vengeance (edge)" 4
Defender Defense 3
Judge Judgment 3

Alternate edges from creed books can be taken instead in addition, e.g. "Creed Defense".