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We do not require backgrounds at all. We find that quality of background does not fully correlate with quality of roleplay. We do recommend that you have a background in mind, but feel free to adjust it after the fact if it would serve future roleplay without clashing with past.

Here are some sample questions that may help flesh out your character's personality.

  • Where does your character prefer to hang out?
    • Downtown
    • Boardwalk
    • Beach
    • Forest
    • University
  • List three possessions that your character always has on them.
  • What was the last movie/book your character would have enjoyed?
  • Imagine your character is part of an ensemble cast for a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly. Are they:
    • The Dashing Hero
    • The Brainy Geek
    • The Wise Counselor
    • The Brawny Protector
    • The Mysterious Stranger
    • The Rebellious Do-Gooder
  • You're at a coffee shop. Suddenly, two guys bust in with ski masks and handguns. What do you do?
    • Run for cover.
    • Charge them.
    • Record the whole thing on your cellphone.
    • Tweet: "OMG. Robbers at Roasters. #NeverdullMonday"
  • Where does your character spend their day off?
    • Coffee Shop
    • Book Store
    • Park
    • Bar
    • Gaming Store
    • Gym