Changeling Lore

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This is an unofficial basic guide to Changeling Lore.

Changeling Lore

1. Student:

  • You have learned of the existence of Fairies.
  • You know they take many forms, from the Tinkerbell of legend, to elves, trolls and other larger creatures.
  • You know they exist in this World, but are unseen to anyone without Fairie sight.
  • You know they are scarce, and stay to the untamed lands.

2. College:

  • You know more of the Fairie's by now.
  • You know they exist separated from Mankind by the power of disbelief.
  • You know they group themselves by type, and location.

3. Masters:

  • You know a little more of the Fairie kind by now.
  • You know that they call themselves Changelings, a title of unfathomable age.
  • You know they have a long and esteemed history, claiming involvement at every level.
  • You know that the power of disbelief harms them.
  • You know that only on certain nights can their true forms be seen, and for the most part, they remain hidden.
  • You also know that children and those who chose to believe are much more likely to see them.

4. Doctorate:

  • You know now that the Changelings form themselves into 9 groups of types, often banding together to aid each other.
  • You know they call the power of Disbelief Banality and fear it's presence.
  • You know that they are lead by the type of Fairie called Sidhe.
  • You also have learned that they do not live as long as a normal human, often dying young.

5. Scholar:

  • You now know that Banality harms Changelings, but not only is it the power of Disbelief, but the limiting of Imagination.
  • You know that rules, limits and order all breed Banality.
  • You know they feed on creativity and imagination, which they call Glamour.
  • You know that Fairies are in fact born looking like humans and hence are indistinguishable from normal Mortals.
  • You know that the Fairies can feed from the Glamour of untainted places, and hence this is why they stick to them.
  • You also know that they fear Vampires, as they are Banality incarnate, and can stand the presence of Magi and Werewolves, as they have enough creativity and imagination left in most of them to inspire them.