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Bristol Oakes

Age: 25
Apparent Age: Mid twenties.
Occupation: Freelance Artist - living off savings
Nature: Optimist
Demeanor: Visionary

Sphere: Kinain
Kith: Nocker

Life by Photographs: Each image is a moment. Precious in its own right. Her home is littered with them.

Art is Life: If you can dream it - create it.

Nocker-kin: She is a kinain of the Nocker persuasion..

Optimist: Everything, even the bad stuff has a purpose. Glass half full!

Glasses: Are they a fashion statement? Are they necessary. You may never know!

Mister Fitzgerald: Her cat. Silver tabby and mooching roomie.


The Myriad.

  • Artegal - You are an oxymoron. But a delightful one..

The Unkown