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Brianna is pure white trash from a long line of pure white trash. The only constants in her family history are addiction, single moms, and long criminal records, and her apple didn't fall very far from the tree at all.

She bounced around the West Coast throughout most of her twenties, and the police departments in LA, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento have all gotten to know her pretty well. She showed up, completely broke, in Prospect early in 2021, because it's one of the few major metro areas in the western US that she hasn't burned her way through yet.

RP Hooks
  • CRIMINALLY ORIENTED: If you're involved in organized crime, at any level, Brianna would definitely like to meet you. She probably already owes your organization money, in fact. Even if your crime isn't all that organized, she probably still wants to know you.
  • CHEMICAL ROMANCE: She really, really likes drugs, and if drugs could like someone, they would definitely like her back. She's their kind of girl. If you're selling, she's buying, or at least window shopping.
  • SKATER GIRL: Quad skating is like her one passion outside of drugs and money, and she likes to roller skate down the boardwalk or hang out at one of the city's skate parks when she can.
  • "FREE SPIRIT": Looking for someone to take your wild conspiracy theory as gospel truth, or to join your bizarre cult? Brianna believes all kinds of crazy stuff, and she's always ready to believe more.
  • SHAKING IT: She's a stripper, and right now she's dancing at the Belladonna Club, though she tends to bounce around a lot as she gets fired from one club and hired at another.

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People She Knows
  • Anthony - Scary dude, but he did me a favor.
  • Molly - Super helpful, even if she is kind of an ice queen bitch.
  • Ransom - I mean...what the fuck? Just...what the fuck?
Birthday March 13, 1993
Hometown Bakersfield, CA
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Demeanor Rebel
Nature Sycophant

Petty Criminal + Stripper

Cat-Like Balance

Criminal Record
Revoked Driver's    License
Appearance Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Manipulation Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Dexterity Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Streetwise Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Subterfuge Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Dancing Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Pickpocket Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Occult Wdot.pngWdot.png
Conspiracy    Theory Wdot.pngWdot.png


Wdot.png Barbarians MC
Wdot.png Borghese Family
Wdot.png Linda Vista 13
Wdot.png Public Defenders
Resources Wdot.png