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B3 Gaming

Hello, and welcome to B3 Gaming. This is Brook - and this is Blair - and we'll be looking at ...

Names: Brook & Blair Butler

Ages: 23 & 22

Occupation: Streamers

Fame: 1

Brook - Explosion girl

Blair - What did you do!?

B3Gaming is the channel of Brook and Blair Butler. You can find us on Twitch, Youtube, and occasionally out in the real world.

Babbling Brook Butler, one-half of B^3 Gaming, if you're into youtubers. More likely you know her as "Explosion Girl", a girl who electrocuted herself and blew up a REALLY expensive computer rig on a live-stream. The explosion is a popular reaction gif for stupidity or disaster. Yes, that's a prosthetic arm. Brook has a number of models for different occasions. Blair made it for her after the accident. Speaking of ...

Barely Blair Butler, the other half of B^3 Gaming. He appears on screen and stream less than his more photogenic sibling, but he edits, voice-overs, chats, moderates, and even occasionally plays games. Sometimes, he'll amble through a stream when methodical work is needed

B3 Gaming, if it has a theme, would be transhumanism. Since Brook's accident, we've focused a lot more on games like Deus Ex, the Bioshock series; games where the definition of humanity is explored. Come join us! We've a Discord, we stream on a daily basis, and you can put in requests - in or out of theme - through our Patreon. Or just come and hang out. Watching Brook try to give a thumbs up after a donation is always fun.

  • Fame 1 - Not Exactly Celebrities. If you're into gaming culture, you might know them.
  • Twin Souls - Brook and Blair are in sync. Very in sync. The few times they play together, that unspoken connection and communication is exceptionally clear.
  • Unlocker of Phones - Phones should be free. Blair helps.
  • Unlocker of Power - Brook, on the other hand, doesn't need them unlocked.

You can find a link to our Patreon here, and other social media channels here, here and here. Our Patreon has the following tiers

  • sincerest thanks, and entry to our private discord!
  • On our first pick to join our games on stream
  • Suggest and vote on choices for a video (one is picked per month), either a let's play, a video essay, or stream game.
  • pick one of our previous cosplays for a stream per month
  • Pick one of our streams (& cosplays) for the month!

If you're in with the local technology crowd, or you have links to the Sorcerer community, Blair and Brook are heavily involved in both. In particular, Blair is making a decent trade in a number of items

  • Soft Sleepwear (Guarenteed no nightmares!)
  • Better Bacon (Healthy, tastier, and just fine to reheat!)
  • Personalised Cosmetics (Need that perfect eyeshadow or foundation?)
  • Jailbroken Cellphones and Application Suites (Use these phones and foreswear Apple forever. We are that confident)
  • Advanced 3d printers (Helps in building projects!)
  • Better Wifi (So far, haven't been able to hack it!)

Here's a list of thanks to our Patreons, subscribers, and regular donators!

Sonya - Way above our pay grade, we're delighted to have Sonya Jenkins pop by on occasion!

Duvessa - Seriously, did you see those films? Her work's incredible. Go watch them. After the stream ...