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Audra Jane Moore

Full Name: Audra Jane Moore
Rite-Name: Szyyykt
Birthdate: October 12, 1994
Apparent Age: Early 20’s?
Occupation: Lawyer

Race: Garou
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancer


Teen Idle – Marina and the Diamonds
Kinda Outta Luck - Lana Del Rey
A Little Wicked – Valerie Broussard
Stop Me - Natalia Kills
You Should See Me In a Crown – Billie Eilish
Pretty Baby - Brendan Benson
Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
Voodooized - Empires
Beggin' for Thread - Banks

You should see me in a crown…

Audra Moore is the kind of woman that turns up like a bad penny; Always there when you don't want her, never around when you've got 74 cents for the vending machine. Some women just look like trouble---that's the kind of shit they say in hard-boiled detective novels, but Audra doesn't look like trouble. She looks like an insurance claim waiting to happen. In designer lipstick and heels that could gut a man. Audra is the kind of mean girl archetype that seems like she's one bad day away from starting a riot with an axe and burning down a school.

I'm gonna run this nothing town…

How to get away with murder. - Audra makes a living defending the worst kind of people. She works for a corporation that technically offers modern amenities, but definitely dumps things into the ground water and chops down trees in the rain forest for funsies. Her usual cases have to do with environmental law, but she’s not above taking a murder case, or even defending someone guilty of petty larceny. For the right price.
If blood and bones are what you want... - There’s no two ways about it; some people get to have normal weekends, but Audra isn’t one of them---instead, she spends a portion of her time as a nightmare wolf/bat-beast on steroids. There’s a lot to be done when you’re on the right side of inevitability, and there is no rest for the wicked. Audra definitely fits the bill.
I'm the bad guy... - Audra has undergone a significant transformation (you know, since the very first one) of philosophy, purpose and sanity. Audra danced the spiral, and the thing that was left over has taken over her life and done a way better job of things. Sometimes pure is worse.
You've been struck by a smooth criminal... - Ragabash. The name should be pretty self-explanatory, but in case you missed the memo, the gist of it was that you need to watch your fucking pockets when Audra’s around. Your wallet too. Hell, you might as well just give it over, because she’s going to sniff out your stuff---whether that stuff consists of things, money, secrets or worse. Audra has it covered.
Responsible for DMV-grade evil. - Audra is a bureaucrat. A lot of people think that that's a little boring, but Audra maintains that sometimes evil isn't about overt acts of violence or depravity. Sometimes evil is giving people a tiny little nudge into doing something completely horrible on their own time. And let's be honest, if anything was going to make you beat your wife against your nature, it would be standing in line at the DMV for 10 hours only to find out that they gave you the wrong forms and you need to come back tomorrow. Audra is an expert in losing all the right paperwork. Not enough to kill anyone, but enough to kill their vibe.


The Usual Suspects



Kurt - “Still down and out / Check out me beggin' for thread / To sew this hole up / That you ripped in my head /”
Eris - “She twines her spines up slowly / Toward the boiling sun / And when I touched her skin / My fingers ran with blood /"
Russ - “There's four for the reason / And five for the tricks, / But nothin's gonna save you from the six six six... /”




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