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“All secrets become deep. All secrets become dark. That's in the nature of secrets.” - Cory Doctorow

"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology." - Girl Genius

Don't expect any fucking tea. Most of my Kith are content sitting smugly behind their chipped chinaware, gossiping like old women. Get with the times. Humanity has collected all the information we could ever want, and put it into easily referenced tables. You just need to know how to access it. The Nockers have it right, the Dreams of the future will be electric. Don't get left behind.

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- Changelings -

Seelie: The Seelie's refusal to hand rule over to the Unseelie at Samhain is the original sin of all Kithain politics. It created the precedent that with the combination of might and the tacit consent of the Dreaming, tyranny is justified. In the middle ages, it probably seemed like a big trade up to have the kind, benevolent dictator over the cruel and capricious one. But we're post American Revolution at this point. All tyranny is wrong, and all tyrants are evil.

Unseelie: With no path to the throne, we became complacent in our victimhood. Decided to play the part of the monster, the hedonist, and the thief. Unseelie should be about the freedom to be anything, not just the freedom to be the ultimate asshole.

Shadow Court: What's this? Never heard of it. Sounds like QAnon for faeries. You should get off Facebook.

Sluagh: I don't have anything against my extended family. Only a Sluagh is ever going to understand what it's like to be a Sluagh. But it's time to crawl out of the cellars, stop gossiping, and start doing something with all that information you've been hoarding, coz.

Sidhe: Some of them are temporary allies. Even the privileged can feel disenfranchised in their own way. But show me a single Sidhe that has renounced their title, all claim to rulership, all claim to land, and sworn an oath to never force a commoner to obey their commands through either Art or coercion. That is a Sidhe who's hand I'll shake. Until then, ASAB.

Trolls: Big. Strong. They keep their word, sure, but have you ever met a Troll that hadn't already sworn an oath to someone? Hard to value something that they give away so freely.

Satyrs: Sure, who doesn't love beautiful half naked party animals? What's the point of being free if you aren't free to enjoy it?

Pooka: Might be the most honest Kith of all.

Redcaps: Are they dangerous? Yes? Good. Dangerous times call for dangerous fae. Let's just hope that when the time comes that we need them, they are still willing to show up and start dyeing some hats.

Boggans: Take care of the people who take care of you. Mistaking their desire to care for others as subservience could prove a dangerous fallacy.

Eshu: They tell good stories. Some of those stories even have good intel in them, if you can separate the truth from the embellishments.

Nockers: Who's ass do I need to kiss to get a lightning gun? More of these guys get it than any other kith. Technology isn't the enemy, just a tool our enemy uses to control and enslave. But the same hammer that forges a chain can also be used to break it.

Thallain: Never met one. I hear they are real terrible monsters. Then again, with entire Knightly Orders dedicated to hunting them down and eradicating them, what choice do they really have?

- Prodigals -

Vampires: Never met one. I hear they are really dangerous, and some of them are stuffed with banality. Guess that makes them just like regular folks?

Werewolves: Like Pooka mixed with Redcaps, from what I understand. They are fighting a war with each other over some religious nonsense, is what I heard.

Wraiths: Look, Caspar, I'll help you out when I can. But I've got my own problems that need sorting right now.

Mages: Humans with magic? Good for them.

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Leonildo Ascheri

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"Corporations, Nobility, Governments, Agencies, Parents, Teachers, Police... they are all different names for the same thing: Control. But the prison cell they put you in has a key, and it's rattling around inside your skull. You just have to reach in there and use it."

Ascheri is a well intentioned rebel that delights in nothing more than pulling a fast one on the same authority he is revolting against. He loves lying to people just to see if they'll believe him, and he is a very good liar.

Ascheri has thrown in with some unsavory types, but he knows that in any real revolution, there is a point where the police come to your house and start shooting. He intends to be holding more than a placard and a palm pilot when that happens, and to be surrounded by more than just some Poli-Sci majors.

Aside from his political affiliations and criminal record, Ascheri is like any other 21 year old who is obsessed with computers. He doesn't get outside enough, and when he does it is usually to go to a nightclub or a party. He is hungry for whatever he can get out of life: money, booze, drugs, cash, cool toys, you name it.

Most of the time, Ascheri doesn't speak. Instead he uses a text to voice app on either his phone or a tablet to communicate.

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RP Hooks
Magical Hacker: Ascheri mixes Soothsay with hacking to liberate information to further his own strategic ends. Need to hire a hacker? Are you another computer wizard that wants to talk shop?

Presto Manifesto: Ascheri posts a lot of half baked ideas about revolution, socialism, and overthrowing the ruling elites. Are you a fellow revolutionary?

Criminal Record: Ascheri has been busted for minor violations of various statutes relating to electronic crimes. He also has a reputation as someone who's committed much more serious crimes.

Casino Town: Loughlin, Nevada is Ascheri's stomping grounds. What is a casino but brick and mortar ravaging? There's a lot of tasty glamour to be had if you can get it before they burn it to fuel the neon.

Shadow Court: He's in it. Always looking for allies amongst the Prodigals and recruits from the Unseelie. Come find him if you're interested.

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