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Biographical Data
Name: Arkady Christopoulos
Birthdate: June 13, 1993
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Dark brown, curly.
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: PhD candidate - Literature
Nationality: British-American
Nature: ???
Demeanor: Dreamer

Favorite Writers: Rainer Maria Rilke, China Miéville, Hermann Hesse, Audrey Niffenegger ... oh yes, there are more.
Favorite Cryptid: Mongolian death worm

Once upon a time, a little boy was born in England to a Greek-American mother and a British-Indian father. The little boy spent his first few years in a flat in London where his father was a schoolteacher, listening to his mother's stories about ghosts, witches, demons, and spirits. When he got a bit older, he started to write his own stories too, especially after his mother and father divorced. His mother took him and flew all the way across the ocean with him to the United States, and for a while he felt very lonely because he was taken away from all of his friends and the little flat in London.

But in time the lonely feeling went away and the boy grew older and kept writing more and more stories. He realized that writing stories and teaching other people about stories was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and because he was a smart and hard-working boy, he got into a good college. When it came time to do his PhD, he settled on UC Prospect, and moved to Prospect three years ago to study. His mother's stories follow him everywhere he goes.

RP Hooks

UC Prospect - Arkady studies there and also works as a TA and a tutor for the Liberal Arts department. He's around campus, and has enough clout to occasionally pull a few strings here and there.

Writers and Writing - He loves all sorts of books and is an aspiring writer himself, though his work can tend toward the literary and abstract. Happy to talk to other authors, poets, or just readers.

Conspiracy Theories - REDACTED


None yet.

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