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Reference Lists

 Analyst                  Architect                Autist
 Autocrat                 Avant-garde              Benefactor
 Bon Vivant               Bravo                    Bureaucrat
 Capitalist               Caregiver                Cavalier
 Celebrant                Chameleon                Child
 Competitor               Confidant                Conformist
 Conniver                 Crackerjack              Creep Show
 Critic                   Curmudgeon               Dabbler
 Decoder                  Deviant                  Director
 Enigma                   Explorer                 Eye Of The Storm
 Fanatic                  Follower                 Gallant
 Guardian                 Guru                     Honest Abe
 Idealist                 Jester                   Jobsworth
 Judge                    Loner                    Manipulator
 Martyr                   Masochist                Masquerader
 Monster                  Optimist                 Pedagogue
 Penitent                 Perfectionist            Plotter
 Poltroon                 Praise-seeker            Predator
 Rebel                    Recognition Seeker       Reluctant Supernatural
 Renunciate               Revolutionary            Rogue
 Sadist                   Sage                     Scientist
 Sensualist               Show-off                 Sociopath
 Soldier                  Supplicant               Survivor
 Sycophant                Theorist                 Thrill Seeker
 Thrillseeker             Traditionalist           Trickster
 Visionary                Waif                     Wanderer


(From White Wolf Wiki)

  • Architect - Creation is your passion.
  • Autocrat - Control-freak.
  • Autist - One who buries their secrets.
  • Avant-Garde - A fascination with the trendy and new.
  • Barbarian - Civilization is the crutch of the weak
  • Bon Vivant - Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.
  • Bravo - Cruelty and bullying are your good points.
  • Caregiver - Actively caring or helping others.
  • Cavalier - The fearless hero.
  • Child - Working through immaturity and innocence.
  • Celebrant - Pursue excitement in all things.
  • Competitor - You must win everything to be happy.
  • Confidant - A good listener and keeper of secrets.
  • Conformist - You would rather follow a powerful figure than lead.
  • Conniver - You want something for nothing.
  • Critic - You find imperfections in everything.
  • Curmudgeon - Cynicism is the main means of operation.
  • Defender - You stand guard over that for which you care .
  • Deviant - The status quo is for suckers.
  • Director - Order is the name of the game.
  • Fanatic - One cause, full support for it.
  • Gallant - A rogue to themselves, a jerk to most.
  • Honest-Abe - The simple things in life are best.
  • Jester - In the school of life, you are the class clown.
  • Jobsworth - The routine is the only comfortable way to exist.
  • Judge - Brutal honesty results in improvements.
  • Loner - Company makes for uncomfortable situations.
  • Manipulator - It's fun to tweak the actions of others.
  • Martyr - The sacrifice of one is beneficial to others.
  • Masochist - It ain't good until it hurts.
  • Mediator - Balance is the best way.
  • Monsters - knows she is a creature of darkness and acts like it.
  • Optimist - Life is good. Live it.
  • Pedagogue - Learning is what life is all about.
  • Penitent - There is no right to exist. It must be earned.
  • Perfectionist - Mistakes cannot be made.
  • Plotter - Nothing can be done right without a plan.
  • Poltroon - Someone cannot shoot at a target they do not have.
  • Praise-Seeker - The opinions of others drive existence.
  • Rebel - The establishment is a joke.
  • Rogue - Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own.
  • Survivor - Perseverance is the only way to get ahead in life.
  • Sycophant - Let others do the hard work and live on praise for it.
  • Traditionalist - The old ways are the best ways.
  • Thrill-Seeker - Take a chance on everything.
  • Trickster - finds the absurd in everything.
  • Visionary - There is something more to life and this existence.