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Archer was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, California. His mother is a teacher and his father is a mechanic/handyman/janitor/whatever pays the bills. He was a standout quarterback in HS but his grades precluded him from earning a scholarship to a Division I school. But the coaches at UC-Prospect convinced him to give their school a chance and so here he is.

His Freshman year, he mostly sat on the bench behind their incumbent starter. However, he did get playing time in a few games and saw more action at the end of the season, where his ability to scramble and throw on the run promised to be fairly exciting. His sophomore year, he was one game short of breaking even on the season and once again showed a great deal of potential as a scrambling quarterback. If there was more talent around him, the team might actually be noteworthy.

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Dumb Jock: - Archer isn't very book-smart. However, he actually has a good excuse, suffering from a bit of a learning disability and very shoddy schools growing up. He's not STUPID, but he does struggle to learn sometimes. However, he works very hard on his academics outside of football season and can generally be found studying any time it's not time for football practice.

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UCP Football- He plays it. He's familiar with the whole team, the trainers, the admin, the press, as well as most of the boosters. With his position as face of the team and a Big Deal recruit last year, he's had to press the flesh more than most of his teammates.

Lane- Met her at Roasters one day and she started introducing him to a lot of Elite Society. Spent a lot of his Freshman year around her, but not nearly as much since.

Silver- She was one of the first friends he made when he first got to school.

Skye- Used to live next-door in the dorms. More acquaintances than friends, Archer always found the flirting harmless and funny, though futile.

Nadia- Cool girl he's met and gotten to know his Sophomore year. Very different from 'the norm,' when it comes to most of the girls he meets on campus. They may or may not have a thing going on.

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Archer Thurgood Marshall
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Status: UCP Starting QB
Race: Mortal
Full Name: Archer Thurgood Marshall
Date of Birth: November 9, 1997
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 215 lbs

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RP Hooks
UCP- Archer is a student at the college, so you can find him hanging around on a pretty regular basis. He's frequently working hard at studying, when it's not football season.

College Football- Archer is a very talented college quarterback. While he may not be on the watch list for national awards, yet, he was kind of a big deal when he decided to come to UCP. So, if you follow college football and UCP football at all, you should at least recognize his name, if not his face.

Athletics- As well as football, Archer has a respect and admiration for most forms of athletics. On a team? Workout fiend? He'll probably be happy to talk about it.

Clueless Mortal- Archer has nooooo idea that anything beyond human exists, especially possibly in the dorm next door. He's had enough struggle getting out of 'the hood,' he's got no freaking clue how dangerous the world REALLY is.

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Played By: Justin Combs