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Andy Weisman
"Hey, need some help with that?"

She had a rough start, but you'd never know it. Put into foster care at age 8, she stayed there until formally adopted by a nice family in Tampa, Florida. She was a jock in high school, well-liked for her friendliness and ability to get along with everyone. She made good enough grades, but really shone in athletics. Eventually, she received a full scholarship to the University of Miami, but something went wrong. She dropped out after two years and came here to Providence, CA. This is a rough draft - more incoming!

RP Hooks
  • She is a consummate do-gooder. Need help with something? With someone? Andy will help.
  • She loves all things physical. Hiking? Climbing? Athletics? Count her in!
  • She has been at the whim of public transportation for too long, and has been itching to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Can you help?
  • She's also keen on broadening her self-defense skills. Do you know martial arts? Brawling? Help a girl out.
  • Also, money. She needs more of it. Do you have a job, part-time or otherwise, that she can apply for?
Friends, Contacts & Acquaintances

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Name Andrea "Andy" Lynn Weisman
Occupation Whatever pays at this point.
Nature RP to find out
Demeanor Paladin
Height 5' 9"
Weight 135 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel green
Hair Color Golden blond
Apparent Age Late teens, early 20s.
Played by Charly Jordan
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Into the Spiderverse album - Misc Artists