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I was gonna go to work, but then I got high

I just got a new promotion, but I got high

Now I'm selling dope, and I know why (why man?)

Cause I got high

Cause I got high

Cause I got hiiigh

--- Afroman

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It's all good.

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RP Hooks
Information Broker
Amadeus has eyes all over the city in extremely improbable places. If you need information, he's known for knowing things that should be very difficult to impossible to know. He's also quite adept at acquiring information about things if he doesn't have it already. But he won't quite say how he does what he does.

Illegal Utilities

Need free cable? Free water? Electricity? He can make that happen cheaply, and make it very difficult for them to physically shut it off again. Barbed wire, anyone?

Pot Dealer

He deals in high quality pot, and pot accessories. This includes THC vapor and any of your other pot needs.

Illegal Stuff

He can get plenty of illegal things done. In trouble with the law? Have a business that health inspectors keep messing with? Trial with a pesky jury that won't cooperate? Need fake documents? Amadeus will see what he can do.


If you have an outside cat, he might personally know your cat. There's also a chance that he might know things about you that you may or may not want known for various reasons. Contact me if you're interested in this sort of hook!

All Around Shady Guy

While he's not necessarily what one would call evil, he's extremely shady. If you want a shady guy to do shady stuff to or with you, let me know. He's the sort who might make a girl think he's in love with her, maybe even scorned you in the past. He's shaken plenty of people down and even broken legs as a loan shark. There's no end to the history or future that one could have with him!

Cat Worshipping Cult

Are you obsessed with obscure cults? You may recognize the name Amadeus DC Mouser as being related to a disbanded eco-terrorist cat worshipping hippie cult from the 70s-90s, even if not necessarily -why- you recognize that name. Hit him up about it! He might not be too happy discussing it.


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Amadeus DC Mouser

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Race: Psychic
Full Name: Amadeus DC Mouser
Date of Birth: February, 9th, 1990
Heritage: American
Demeanor: Rogue
Occupation: Information Broker/Pot Dealer/Illegal Utilities Installer/Guy Who Gets Illegal Stuff Done
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 6'0"


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He smokes a ton of pot and speaks in a very vulgar manner.

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Played By: Alexander Gaskarth