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Alvaro Dominguez

RP Hooks


He was a Conquistador, serving with the Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca. They did horrible, horrible things in the early 1500's. They travelled from Florida along what would be the southern American states, all the way to what would one day be Prospect. He was a bloody terror who earned the nickname 'The Blood-Drinker' by the natives long before he actually became one of the Kindred.

His Sire, Domingo Alvarez, was one of the original supporters of Hardestadt's regime, and he was there at the original Treaty signing. Over the centuries he has earned fear and respect as a war leader of the Ivory Tower, putting Sabbat to the sword all over the world.

From 1804 to 2004 Alvaro was the Prince of the Spanish city of San Sebastian. He was a tyrannical Prince, and those who were in his good graces had their run of the city. Those who spoke against him, however, were severely punished. In his time as Prince he executed and exiled a large number of Kindred. Other then that, he was a good Prince. They city ran smoothly and there were no real issues. A decade ago, however, he stepped down and left the Praxis in the hands of one of his Childer. There are numerous rumors as to the reason, but he hasn't spoken much on the subject.
Merits and Flaws

  • Enemy
  • Former Prince
  • True Love
  • Blush of Health
  • Prestigious Sire