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Aliana Parton

"Such a grand house. These must be rich folks. But I must get to work. Here I stand just looking. And me with a whole list of things to do."

—Peggy Parish

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Name: Aliana Parton
Age: 22
Nationality: Finnish
Position: The Help
Demeanor: Confidant
Flaws: Absent-Minded; Airhead
Talents: Cooking, Courtesy, and Waterboarding
Employ: Executive Valet and Maid for Mrs. Crane
Consecrated to: ANGU the CRUEL

A simple country girl from Juujärvi in a terribly inbred nest of degenerate Kinfolk, Aliana is kind of a success story. She was scouted for her special connection to terror and madness and then everyone realized she wasn't particularly good at things. So why not train her to be a maid?

There's just been a string of employers she's been assigned to that came to terrible ends. Can't be helped!

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RP Hooks
  • Do you need your house cleaned?
  • Do you need your dainty delicates laundered?
  • Do you need a tasty pie cooked for the whole family?
  • Do you need any meth?

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  • Sasha: This is such a great opportunity! It won't turn out like all the others did! I know it for sure!
  • Raquel: Another gourmet is impressive but a gourmet and a gourmand is so much nicer too!

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Coming soon!

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