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"Hello I am Alexia Collins..

I am attending College For now just taking the core classes however I am leaning towards Becoming a school nurse. I love kids and I believe that the elementary kids need a nurse. She has come a long way since she first arrived here in town as meet a few people. Her roommate Gar is really a sweet and old fashioned guy. He treats her very well. She has finally made her mind up on college. Cooking is one of her things she loves to do. More to come.

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Gar My very first roommate, my best friend. Thing's are going well however I fell my self getting closer and closer to you. Asked him on a date he said yes. Each moment that is spent with you, I get closer and closer Well, that kiss happened. You are the one I love without mistakes. You are my everything.

Drake Met, him once at a Casino.

Gavin Rosenthall Made an idot of my self the first time I went in his bookstore. Trying to make it right seems to be easy.

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Alexia Collins

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RP Hooks
'Bold text'College student-I'm a Freshman at the Uc Prospect maybe we can meet there as two college student's bumping into each other on campus.

Loves to have coffeeMaybe we can meet in a coffee shop.

Looking for work. She has some experience being an personal assistant.Maybe you are looking for a personal assistant.

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