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Di Campo
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Information Stereotypes

Name: Adorabella Di Campo Giovanni
Occupation: Financial Consultant
Nationality: Italian
Ethnicity: Italian
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 113lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nature: Masochist
Demeanor: Competitor
Race: Mortal


Lightning Calculator
Eidetic Memory
Appearance ● ● ● ●
Intelligence ● ● ●
Dexterity ● ● ●
Finance ● ● ● ●
Law ● ● ●
Subterfuge ● ● ●


Changeling "We left them sweet honeyed cakes on the doorstep once and were told, always, to avoid the fairy rings."
Werewolf "All men are beasts, are they not? To justify such acts of violence by excusing it to one's nature seems like no more than a lie to help one sleep at night."
Vampire "Another story to keep us in at night, until the media decided to make it fashionable to be stalked. There are enough fools in the world with fetishes for blood, without encouraging others to join them."
Mage "Magicians of wonder, I've seen the most exquisite shows but...the magic in the world was ever controlled by man. An illusion of hope in a world where little remains."
Wraith "Disquiet echoes of a past, tortured and haunted. Leave us be, for your time on this earth has passed. It is bad enough to be haunted by the stories that remain of ones family, than to think that those from the crypt might rise up to join in the chaos."
Demon "The bible warns us of your kind, of the costs of going astray. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions."
Family "There are those who would say we are crass, elite and old and too often turned into ourselves, rather than looking at the world beyond. To you I would say, sometimes, yes. Sometimes. But we are family and in the end, that blood will tell. Thicker than water, old as time."
Story Hooks Quotes
Adorabella is, in fact, a member of the Giovanni family. However she does not go by Giovanni she goes by Di Campo. So while if you're a Giovanni it is fine to know her or of her, (@mail or page and we'll work something out) if you are not, please do not assume that you automatically know what family she comes from.

Adorabella is a mortal, not a ghoul, not someone who's in the occult know; for she's only heard the most basic of stories. Just...a mortal. No plus.

Have a business? Need someone to help with your taxes or just see about helping you make a little bit more money? you have some dirty money that you'd like made squeaky clean again? Feel free to hit me up!

High Society?
Move with the elite? Fashion Shows, Fund Raisers, the ever elegant who's who affairs? Dora does. Maybe we've seen each other around!

Marco Di Campo Giovanni - I love you. Even when I shouldn't, even when it hurts. It's going to get us both killed.

Uncle Caesar Di Campo Giovanni - The favored of our particular little branch. He's not a man that I would want to be on the wrong side of and yet, that is precisely where I find myself to be; currying desperately for favor.