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Legal Name: Adelphi Minerva Kalivas
Birthdate: August 2nd, 1994
Ethnic Background: Greek
Genus: Homo Superior
Division: Border Corps Earth Defense Initiative, "Space Marines"
Rank: Captain
Specialty: Scout Sniper
Cover Identity: Police Sergeant
Home Base: Copernicus Station
Theme Song: Hope Eyrie Leslie Fish

Doctor's Notes:
Kalivas has been prescribed hypertension medication and osteo supplements to combat the effects of standard Earth gravity and atmospheric pressure on her spaceborn physiology. She is also experiencing dizziness, nausea, and vertigo, but it is believed this will subside.
Of greater concern is the psychological effect of the subject's attempts to integrate into Earth culture. In particular, it is unknown how she will adapt to the Terran economy given that the Outer Colonies have been designed as a post-scarcity society. They have never known crime, famine, or injustice.
There will be an acclimatization period.