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Cadence - So far the only person she really knows in this city. A sister she had only heard about, suddenly prominent enough to be found.

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RP Hooks
Troubled Past - Abigail ran away and has been living on the streets since she was an early teen. She's new to town and would prefer to leave that all behind her, but she's had run-ins with some pretty shady characters and could easily bump into some criminal element from her past.

Sister - Abi came to town hoping to find her twin sister, someone she only had heard about before but never was able to track down. Recently, Cadence has popped up in enough of a spotlight that Abi has made her way to town to find her.

Work - Abigail is trying hard to find some sort of job in town she can do to pay her own way without falling into some of the bad habits of the past. She knows its far too easy for her to be mistaken for Cadence and staying legitimate so she bring bad attention to her sister is a big goal.

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Abigail (old)

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Date of Birth: July 1, 1992

Nationality: American

Occupation: Looking?

Height: 5'0

Hair: Raven Black

Eyes: Brown

App Age: Late teens

Markings: No Tattoos, small scars on the arms, large ones across her back

Piercings: Row of six different jeweled studs down her left ear, single silver hoop through the right.

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AbigailEyes.png AbigailFace.png

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