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Building with +build, an A to Z ........
SO! Your new build request has been approved. Great! Now what? It's really easier than it looks! Follow these simple steps & you won't have a problem.

Step 1:
Type: +build/list

You'll see something like:

<---======##=============[ Build Projects for Fakie ]=============##======--->
DBREF Name Rooms Authorized
<---======##=-------------------[ Unfinished ]-------------------=##======--->
#12345 Cabin 0/4 Fakie
<---======##=---------------------[ Linked ]---------------------=##======--->

Once you know what the DBREF of your project is (For this example its #12345)

+build/select #12345
The game then shows me this message (this is how we know it worked)

You have selected Cabin

Once that has been accomplished, you need to go to the IC grid location where you want your project to be linked from. If you're IC sometime type +MAP and, you'll see that each grid location has a specific number. For this project we are going to say it should be in the forest, so we will go to the forest and we'll choose a room, any room-- 786 will do. (When you go to the forest map, you'll notice that 786 is the very center 'entrance' to the forest area.)

+build/setloc #12345
..... because #12345 is our project's DB number or DBREF.
Note: You MUST be standing in the IC grid wher you want to link to. Think of your character as the 'You are here' marker like at a map at the mall.

The game will then show us this message:

Requested location for Cabin set to Deep Forest. +map should now work within the project.

Next you want to tell the code what rooms you want and what rooms have exits to what other rooms and so forth. This LOOKS complicated, but really its not!


+build/setbp 1:Grounds|2:Living Room|3:Master Bedroom|4:Upstairs/0--1|1--2|2--3|2--4

Once you've done that, the game will burp out a thing like this at you:

<---======##=================[ Blueprint: Cabin ]=================##======--->
Room 1: Cabin - Grounds
Room 2: Cabin - Living Room
Room 3: Cabin - Master Bedroom
Room 4: Cabin - Upstairs
Exit: (Outside) <--> Grounds
Exit: Grounds <--> Living Room
Exit: Living Room <--> Master Bedroom
Exit: Living Room <--> Upstairs

If this isn't self-explanatory enough, I'll break it down for you.

1:Grounds|2:living room|3:Master Bedroom|4:Upstairs

This is pretty simple. The very first room is the Grounds, Second is the living room, so on and so forth. These also serve as the exit names that lead into each room. They can be changed later. I'll explain that further down. (Yes! I KNOW this is already spammy as it is! I'm sorry!)

That crazy 0--1|1--2|2--3|2--4 stuff isn't as confusing as it looks either. I've already explained that the first room is the Grounds, the second is the living room, so on right? So if the first room is the Grounds, then 0 is just whatever leads -onto- the grounds. First that'll be the building nexus, then it'll be that IC grid room that you wanted your project linked off of.

So really all this madness does is simply tells the code what room has doors to what other rooms. So the grid (0) links to the Grounds (1), and then, for our example place here, the Grounds (1) links to the living room (2), and the living room links to the master bedroom (3) as well as the upstairs (4). Now, this all works the same whether you have 2 rooms, 4 rooms, or 50 rooms.

After you see the big long Blueprint readout above, all you do is


The game will show you: Build Launched Cabin Parent has left. Done.

From that point, all you do is go +ooc, then BN and your project should be the very first exit listed in the Build Nexus.

Now, if you want to rename rooms within your project, it does not work like a lot of the games that you're used to. So don't just @name g=Grounds <G>;g as this will mess your exits all up!

To rename exits properly for the +build code use: @name g=G:Grounds;g Rather than going Grounds <G> by going G:Grounds you achieve the same effect. The code will name your exit Ground <G> -for- you. Here are a few different examples:

Exit Names: Frontdoor <Fr> Backroom <Bro> Dark bRoom Kloset <DbK> OuT <O>

Okay, so as you can see above, we've got some booboos in our exit names. To rename each of those -here- we would do the following:

@name fr=FD:Front Door;fd
It will end up looking like: Front Door <FD>

@name br=BR:Back Room;br Results in: Back Room

@name DbK=DBC:Dark Broom Closet;dbc Results in: Dark Broom Closet <DBC>

@name o=O:Out;o;ou;out;b;ba;bac;back Results in: Out <O> -- For this using 'o', or 'ou' or 'b' or 'back' will allow you to go through that particular exit. Be careful not to double up on things. Out <O> with Office <O> would be bad.

You can also set custom messages for those coming and going to rooms.
@succ exit=You leave the den and enter the store room.
@osucc exit=leaves the den heading into the store room.
@odrop exit=enters from the den.
@fail exit=That door is locked.
@ofail exit=tried to open the door to the store room but couldn't.

And there you have it! Just @desc as usual and you're set! Hope this helps some people! When you're done @descing, simply +myjob/add #jobnumber=Done! To get your project linked to the grid. Also, include any of the doors that you would like to have +locks set up on in your comment to the job at this point

You can have help with your build without having to worry about who owns it. They can assist using the commands below.

+bhelp +build - The help file

+build/auth <project>=<player> - Authorize a player for the specific project
+build/auth <player> - Authorize a player on the selected project
+build/unauth <project>=<player> - Remove an authorized player from the specific project
+build/unauth <player> - Remove an authorized player from the selected project
+build/ex here|<room>|<exit> - As an authorized player, examine settable attributes on the room or exit
+build/set here|<room>|<exit>/<attribute>=<value> - As an authorized player, set attributes on a room or exit.
+build/edit here|<room>|<exit>/<attribute>=<from>,<to> - As an authorized player, edit an attributes on a room or exit.