"Cleo" Clementine Sergatova

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"Cleo" Clementine Sergatova
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Information Snapshots


Full Name: Clementine Sergatova
Alias: "Cleo"
Profession:Acrobat Mid 20's
Age (Apparent): Mid 20's
Age (Actual): Around 70
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Approx 130lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Clan: Setite
Demeanor: Gallant
Nature: Bon Vivant


A sturdy young woman with a tawny complexion was the vehicle holding this mess together. Tousled locks of dark hair flew about on their own volition, waving about with the same untamed energy as the rest of her. She was rarely seen sitting still. There was always something being fiddled with in her hands, or climbed on, or balanced on her nose, or even standing on the head that housed her flat nose. It was as if someone gave a circus seal arms and gave it the promise of free fish forever.

She is not particularly clean. That isn't to say she is caked in filth, but the slight shine on her brow and grit beneath her nails is what one might expect of a woman with a a propensity of breaking into spontaneous headstands. The smooth appearance of her mahogany skin is broken up with a scattering of scars one might expect of a woman who fell performing those handstands. Her voice also carries a scratchy quality to it, as though it has been as equally abused as the rest of her. It gives her speech some character, but is far from the sweet angelic voice of a song bird

While not ragged, the girl's clothes retain the same wear and tear you would expect from such an active creature. You would expect she doesn't have to purchase "distressed" jeans. For practicality, she does not adorn herself in much jewelry, and her make-up is fairly spartan. In kind, her clothes tend to be more practical than anything, and often lack a certain color coordination. Any props she carries tend tend to be in a constant state of repair with tape, glue, safety pins, or the occasional, hasty attempt at sewing.

Her demeanor seems pleasant enough to put you slightly at ease from her energetic antics. The woman's dark eyes carry a look of eager enthusiasm. She also tends to carry a broad smile on her face, however, her smile almost seems a feigned attempt at coaxing free fish from you, or worse... perhaps an indication that you are the fish.

RP Hooks Quotes

Circus Freak: From acrobatics to juggling to silly magic tricks, Cleo has a wide variety of useless, but entertaining talents.
Education: She boasts the modest goal of learning another language.
Daredevil: Do you like to drive fast, and live on the edge? Cleo has a propensity to push the limits. She claims they are calculated risks, but her wild stunts borderline on recklessness.
Alcoholics Anonymous: Regularly attends meetings. She claims to have been sober over 2 years.
Instagram: She regularly uses social media to reach out, including Instagram. She even has the occasional vague photo under the light of day. It almost gives off the illusion of being a regular, warm blooded human.
Dating Apps: Tinder, Grindr, Findr? The Vampire equivalent to Uber Eats.
Lost Ghoul: Apparently her ghoul has died or gone missing after a trip to Colorado.

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