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Ignorance is bliss...or is it? Throughout history, mankind has been the chess pieces of those creatures that haunt the darkness and shadows, suffering as the puppets of those they didn't know existed. Power within a supernatural race is significant but controlling the humans is truly controlling the world. Living in these dark times is a hardship not all humans are fit to endure. Mankind have always thrived under the false pretense that they are the 'apex predator': top of the food chain. Their beliefs, values, goals, ideas, and emotions have carried them through time to form the concept of what the world is...or at least should be.

Their concepts of 'right' and 'wrong', 'good', and 'evil' have crafted the very fabric of reality and molded it in such a way that other supernatural forces have been forced to either guide, manipulate, or subjugate mankind to keep themselves safe from the wrath of men and women. While the supernatural races are powerful they are a scarce population in the world and because of this, mankind has always had an edge against them. Mortals live their lives day to day in the 'peaceful' mindset that all is 'right' within their world, and try to strive for safety and security to maintain that illusion. To be a human, and maintain one's humanity, one's very existence in a world of darkness is a fight to survive all other oppositions out there.

The fight to keep one's sanity, to maintain a job, to keep one's family safe, to live a life as one sees fit, to try and create a world where a person can be happy and healthy is a battle that all of mankind fights continually, aware of it or not. In Prospect California, the hope of achieving the 'American Dream' has brought many to the city's folds. The city of Prospect holds a great many opportunities for mortals. Fame, fortune, power, romance, making a name for oneself...all of these, and many more make being human something far greater then having to hide oneself away from the world in order to simply survive as supernaturals are forced to do. To be human is to be tested and to know that one's victories are the product of strength, guile, and grit alone without the need for dark gifts that carry with them a curse. Many might argue that in these times of trouble and turmoil...being human is very akin to being divine.

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