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Hot Mess
          Cheyenne's a product of poverty and abuse, a trailer park escapee who ran away at 15 and never looked back. She's been on her own and in and out of jail ever since, and she eventually wound up in Prospect for no real reason in particular.
          She's barely literate and totally unemployable anywhere decent. She's loud and greedy and shameless and poor. She has a filthy mouth and no class. She dresses like a complete skank pretty much all the time and attention-whores better than anybody. She usually steals shit. She burns bridges and trashes friendships. She can be sweet when she wants to be.
          She's basically the worst.
  • PETTY THEFT: Shy's totally a criminal, but also totally low-effort. She'll happily steal your wallet or try to run a hilariously transparent scam on you.
  • HILLBILLY HIJINKS: Like trashing your trailer? Like day drinking? Like screaming matches with your neighbors over insults real or imagined? Like being on a first-name basis with the local cops because they're answering noise complaints on you nearly every week? Shy does!
  • DOING DRUGS: She smokes weed because, really, who doesn't, but she'll also rarely say no to a good time with something stronger.
  • HIGH HEELS + A SMILE: About the only places willing to hire her anymore are strip clubs, so she's dancing downtown at Body Shots right now despite the stupid long commute.
People She Knows
  • Nobody: Yet.

Cheyenne02.png Cheyenne01.png Cheyenne06.gif Cheyenne05.gif

Full Name Cheyenne Harlow
Goes By Shy
Grew Up In Nixa, Missouri
Date Of Birth May 18, 2000
Age 20
Height 5'4"

Mind your own fucking business!
Nature Follower
Demeanor Show-off

Good Stuff
Streetwise Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Flirt Double-Jointed

Bad Stuff
Wits Wdot.png
Big Mouth Weak-Willed
Bigot Criminal Record