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Write a song about California, he said.
Write a song about California he said to me before I left
but I think I'll write a song about him instead
-Hey Ocean!, A Song About California

Welcome to Prospect, California

Have you ever looked for something better? Better than what you have now? Better than what's around you? Are you tired of the same old, dull and dreary, the stressful life that surrounds you? The frustrating feeling that you just simply aren't getting anywhere no matter how hard you try? Well, there is a place of Hope. A place where you can relax and take the ease off every day stressful life and find that peace that you've been looking for... that prosperity.

Prospect, California, the "City of Hope", welcomes all within its glamorous fold with secrets and mysteries abound with rich history and life of its own. There's plenty of room for all within this new, undiscovered territory and everyone has the chance to take a piece of the pie, revel in the freedom that America brings to these sacred lands and take a chance to make something of themselves, becoming the legends of the future.

Prospect is a little bit of a paradise. Half of the year is summer, the other half is fall skipping over winter and going right into spring. Within paradise's boundaries even the most humble can find easy living. When things are so simple and easy it becomes hard to care for the big things in life. Those things that truly matter in the greater scheme of things slip through our conscious mind and end up behind the solace of our more comfortable lives.

What will this paradise hold for the soul? A haven of comfort and stability? Or perhaps the encroaching darkness will sink its tendrils into your spirit and infect your humanity...slowly corrupting you in its wake. Will you strive for power, lust for wealth, and let apathy crush your cares for those that you love and cherish? This is paradise in a World of Darkness.

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The Spheres

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  • Prospect is located where RL San Diego is located.
  • Los Angeles is about 100 miles to the northwest. Tijuana is about 20 miles to the south.
  • Topography: Ocean to the west. Forests to the north and south. Desert to the east.
  • Climate: Mediterranean.
  • Guide to Cities (distance chart for IC travel time, plus some map images)


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Politics and Government

  • The City of Prospect is run by a Mayor with the City Council advising him on important matters.
  • The surrounding County is organized under a council of three County Commissioners.


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Law Enforcement & Crime

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