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Reference Lists

 Arcanoi                  Arts                     Actor
 Animal-psychics          Animalism                Anti-psychic
 Arcanum Lore             Argos                    Assamitic Sorcery
 Astral-projection        Auspex                   Biocontrol
 Black Hand Lore          Camarilla Lore           Castigate
 Celerity                 Channeling               Chicanery
 Chimerstry               Chronos                  Church Lore
 Clairvoyance             Clan Lore                Contempt
 Correspondence           Cyberkinesis             Cyberpathy
 Disciplines              Delusion                 Dementation
 Dimensional Science      Dominate                 Dream-craft
 Ectoplasmic-generation   Embody                   Empathic-healing
 Entropy                  Fae                      Faerie Lore
 Familiar Lore            Fatalism                 Forces
 Fortitude                Gifts                    Hearth Wisdom
 Illumination             Infusion                 Inhabit
 Inquisition Lore         Keening                  Kindred Lore
 Lores                    Legerdemain              Life
 Lifeweb                  Lupine Lore              Mage Lore
 Matter                   Melpominee               Mind
 Mind-shields             Moliate                  Mytherceria
 Numina                   Nature (realm)           Necromancy
 Obfuscate                Obtenebration            Outrage
 Possessed-powers         Pandemonium              Phantasm
 Potence                  Precognition             Presence
 Primal                   Prime                    Prop
 Protean                  Psychic-healing          Psychic-hypnosis
 Psychic-invisibility     Psychic-vampirism        Psychokinesis
 Psychometry              Psychoportation          Puppetry
 Pyretics                 Pyrokinesis              Quietus
 Realms                   Rites                    Spheres
 Sabbat Lore              Scene                    Serpentis
 Sewer Lore               Shifter Lore             Soothsay
 Soulstealing             Sovereign                Spirit
 Spirit Lore              Stone Lore               Supernatural Lore
 Synergy                  Taints                   Thaumaturgy
 Time                     Underworld Lore          Usury
 Via-geniorum             Via-ignis                Via-medicamenti
 Via-necromantiae         Via-oraculi              Vicissitude
 Wayfare                  Wyrm Lore