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"To defeat an opponent is to get to know them intimately..." - Karin Kanzuki - Street Fighter Alpha 3

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RP Hooks
  • Online: This one can probably be split in to a few. She is a cosplayer known as Angel Cosplay online. Some address her as 'Angelica.' She has a twitch where she does ASMR but sometimes also plays video games like: Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc. It is called AngelicWhispersASMR. Heavenly Choir Attire on youtube for a channel name about her costumes and how to make them.

  • Self-Defense: Karen wants to learn Martial Arts. Specifically Bajiquan/Hakkyokuken. She has her reasons. One reason is so she can actually fight like Karin Kanzuki from the Street Fighter series.

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She stands at 4'11", with bright blue eyes and blonde hair that ends around the small of her back. Usually, it's let down but a lot of times she styles it, especially if it's time for a cosplay. She's somewhere in her mid 20s, with bright blue eyes and a pale complexion. Her complexion is probably from being inside playing video games a lot. A bright, pearly white smile is usually plastered on her face. She has a small beauty mark on her left side above her upper lip.

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Thank you thank you thank you to alllll my subscribers out there! Love you all! <3

Riley - My BFF! Wouldn't trust her around glassware though.

Bobo - I don't know if things can get better anymore...

Kameshi - Hope you're doing okay. Been a few. You had a rough day and I was happy to help make it better. <3

Latona - Miss you.

Nadira - Haven't been here long, but you're getting things moving.

Camilla - I know what hurt feels like, too.

Capone - Thank you for trying to scale things back when I got personal. It really did mean a lot to me, and still does. I can understand why you're upset at things, but... you gotta let things play out. I didn't appreciate what you did when I was giving you a ride, and I really meant what I said in that text. You still got a friend in me, if you want it.

Louis - We really should talk more.

Flavien - Thanks for the hat! And the pool lesson. We really should hang out more!

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Hello my angels!

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Full Name: Karen Emily Saunders
Nationality: Spaniard-American
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Height: 4'11"

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