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Kait Celease

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lee Johnson - You were my father figure, the one who looked out for me and taught me what I know.

Oleksiy He has neat books, and a good listener.

Amelie Very nice lady. I shall get to know her more.

Amos Neato guy.. still need to know more.

Madeline was lovely to see you once again.. still beautiful as a rose.

Mikael Thanks for the business card.

Calevaro Meet you at Carlsbad. Had some good conversations... though, I haven't seen you in a bit where did you go.

Tomoko You have a propostion to offer me.. a boon you say Let me think.

Carter Masterson You didn't upset me don't worry.. I look forwards to learning more of your clan.

Wallace Nice guy!!! Really though... keep it up.

Bando Very nice guy.. he is learning well.

Eric Hmm.. maybe this is a good friendhship in the works eh?

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RP Hooks
Member of the all night society: Perhaps you can teach her a few things.. she is only 5 years embraced.

Need some construction or something demolished?:.. Kait can get it done for a decent price.

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Date of Birth: July 24 1992

Date of Embrace: September 11 2015


Demeanor: Visionary

Height/Weight: 5'6/ 110 pounds

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Race: Vampire

Risk Level: 0

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Camarilla

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