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“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”
~Hermann Hesse~

About The Player: My name is James and I am retired military and dad of 3 amazing children. Happily married for 4+ years now. I have traveled the world but call California home currently. I originally got into World of Darkness in 2014 and fell in love with it immediately. I have had a great time playing through tabletop, although I am still pretty new to MUSH. I have done some Storytelling with some success and failure. I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to play Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Hunter, Mage (In both old and new formats) with some great people. I am fascinated by the story and the horror and the thrill of the unknown. I look forward to my time here, meeting others and having a great time. Thank you for having me!

About The Character: Kahraman Avci is an antiquities dealer from Istanbul, Turkey. After his Embrace, Kahraman spent 7 years traditionally training as an Assamite (Banu Haqim) Warrior. His Sire was a member of the Camarilla, so Kahraman was taught to believe in the Traditions. When he was released, Kahraman decided to come to the United States and at his Sires suggestion, to Prospect. Now Kahraman finds himself (Metaphorically Speaking) "thrown into the deep end" of the city and it's Kindred inhabitants. So far he has managed to get settled into his new home, but has no idea of what horrors are out there or what fate awaits with every night he awakens...

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Camarilla: A light house standing firm on an island surrounded by rough sea. It guides Kindred and allows them to safely navigate the rough water. Unfortunately, not all Kindred know the hazards in the ocean. Only the direction they are told to go...

Anarchs: You cry freedom but that comes at a steep cost. You fight for it but you lack true leadership. Sooner or later, each of you will pay. Either with Final Death, or an eternity of wandering... Lost, never belonging, never able to call a place home....

Sabbat: Misguided zealots. You seek forgiveness from Cain but you are blind to the truth. Only Allah can save you...

Independents: My Clan began and still has it's roots with you. Although we are traditional, we have evolved. My clan's founder believed and promoted equality of the Clans. I hope someday you will follow this path and evolve like we have...

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Note: This list is based on who I have met IC and who I have had RP with. If I forgot a name please feel free to let me know. The notations after the name are based on what Kahraman thinks so far. If it is still blank, it only means we need to RP more.

Ambrosia: "Thank you for offering to mentor me..."

Amelie: "You didn't speak up for me..."

Amos: "Few words and even fewer appearances..."

Charai: "So far, the only Coterie mate that has made any attempt to speak with me."

Colombe: "My opinion has changed... How unfortunate and disappointing."

Dana: "You spend a lot of time with Thaddeus. It makes one curious..."

Daphnne: "My offer stands. If I can ever be of any help..."

Ed: "I will eventually want my tongue back Sheriff..."

Hannah: "Despite being in the Tremere, you risked your reputation to defend me. Thank you..."

Hassam: "It will be interesting to see how we work together..."

Heathen: "Why are you so hated...? I have had nothing but pleasant encounters with you."

Jolene: "Not everyone gets a chance to reinvent themselves. I look forward to seeing what you become."

Madeline: "You're Clan has so many good things to say about you."

Martino: "I have heard of the Italian Mafia... I wonder if the rumors are true."

Nino: "Here is a Kindred who knows things... But what?"

Paige: "You have shown me what you really are..."

Phillip: "You stepped up and took the role of mentor to save me. Thank you..."

Ramona: "Your skill is impressive... I would like to learn. We should discuss this..."

Shiori: "Inquisitive and friendly."

Stanley: "You have shown me that there are two sides to every coin."

Sveta: "Your Clan's curse runs deep with you. Although, I think for you it is a blessing..."

Thaddeus: "Rough around the Edges, but very capable."

Torgue: "Your gift intrigues me... Metaphorically speaking, making a deal with the devil rarely ends well..."

Vegard: "You have taught me a valuable lesson. I will never forget the mercy you have shown me."

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Special Thanks: A HUGE thank you goes to Amelie's player, who helped me organize the layout of the page!

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Kahraman Avci

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Full name: Kahraman Avci
Nationality: Turkish
Occupation: Antiquities Dealer
Demeanor: Capitalist
Apparent Age: Early-Twenties
Theme Song: ACO Theme

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RP Hooks
Loyal Camarilla

Antiquities Dealer and Scholar

Haqim Enthusiast


RP Style: I am pretty open when it comes to Role Play. I prefer social and light combat. Although I am set at Risk 2. Please keep in mind that I am looking for emersion into the World of Darkness. I know bad things happen and things go bump in the night. But I am also not in a rush to make a new character...

OOC: I am all for making friends. I know each person has a unique character with chances for great stories. All I ask is, please leave OOC where it belongs. Let's discover things IC through RP and enjoy the game the way it is meant to be played...

Vampire: Ok.. So here it is... Vampires are not nice. They can act nice, but it is almost always for a hidden purpose. Blood, control, information, etc... This is what makes our world go round. I know not everyone plays with this in mind, but I do. SO... In a sense this is a disclaimer. I am patient and I play a long game. I completely understand that ICA = ICC. But I also feel the need to let others know that it is just RP and has nothing to do with the person playing the character or those I RP with.

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Avci Antiquities:
Located in Carlsbad, South of Downtown

Avci Antiquities.jpg

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