House Rules

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House Rules

"If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril."

-Sun Tzu

This page covers IC rules that apply to characters. For OOC policies that apply to players, see Policies.

These pages are provided for convenience. They should generally match the in-game +rules command, but if they differ, then please inform staff (who will identify which one matches current intent, and fix the other to match).

House rules take precedence over canon. Some just reiterate canon rules for convenience, others clear up ambiguities, others make intentional changes to better suit the nature of this particular game.

If you think house rules should be changed, then please contact staff and explain how and why. They may or may not agree, but at least they will attempt to explain the reasoning behind current rules.

Sphere Specific

Mage Mage
Vampire Vampire
Kuei-jin Kuei-jin
Shifter Shifter
Demon Demon
Ghoul Ghoul
Wraith Wraith
Changeling Changeling
Bygone Bygone
Sorcerer / Psychic Sorcerer-Psychic
Possessed Possessed
Hunter Hunter
Mortal Mortal
General / Cross-Sphere

Blood Blood
Obfuscate Obfuscate
Magical Items Magical Items
Not Allowed Not Allowed
Combat Combat
Awareness Awareness
Crossover Rules Crossover Rules
Dramatic Systems Dramatic Systems
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous