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Pure White Trash
Don't ever let her fool you: trash is exactly what Heaven is. She's got the trailer park chic name and the criminal record. She's got the sleazy job and the substance addiction. She's got the bottle blonde hair and complete shamelessness, the reprehensible opinions and the total lack of class.

She's not a Prospect native, but she's been here since she was 16, after she dropped out of high school and ran away from home and her despicable family of criminals and Klansmen. She's kind of a fixture now in the shady underbelly of Prospect's periphery, but she's nobody important. Just a girl that all the wrong people know.

  • CRIME DOESN'T PAY: Heaven's arrest record is impressive for its length and hilarious for its pettiness. Most of her busts are for possession and reckless driving and things like that, so she's definitely no criminal mastermand, but she's definitely not against breaking the law for fun or profit.
  • THE SLEAZE: The dirty, semi-criminal underbelly of Prospect is where she both works and makes her home, so she mixes with and knows a ton of unsavory people. She's been fired from almost every strip club in town, though she currently dances at Body Shots, down on E St. & 4th.
  • PARTY FAVORS: You can't be trailer trash without some kind of substance abuse problem! And she for sure has one, and is always looking for dealers, since she has a habit of ripping off the ones she already knows.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Sure it's like a distant fourth or fifth or tenth place, but when she's sober and everything she really does try to be a good mom, so she's always sometimes looking out for babysitters willing to trudge out to the trailer park and fun activities for her daughter and stuff like that.

Heaven2.jpg Heaven3.jpg Heaven4.jpg Heaven5.jpg Heaven6.jpg Heaven8.jpg

People She Knows
  • Ivy: Bitchin' rock star chick with awesome coke.
  • Trent: Think he escaped from a mental asylum or something? WTF is "bel canto" anyway?
Please read the warning in my +finger before playing with Heaven. The last thing in the world I want to do is inflict her on anyone who might be uncomfortable with her many horrible personality flaws.
Birthday May 9, 1997
Hometown Knox, Indiana
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde (but not really)
Demeanor Show-off
Nature Sycophant

Trailer Park Princess + Petty Criminal + Drug Addict + Stripper
Kids One so far

Ability Aptitude:
Eye For A Bargain

Bad Liar
Criminal Entanglements
Criminal Record
Revoked Driver's License
Appearance Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Dexterity Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Streetwise Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Vice Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Dancing Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Mechanic Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png
Athletics Wdot.pngWdot.pngWdot.png

Wdot.png Drug Dealers
  Wdot.png Babysitters
    Wdot.png Strippers
      Wdot.png Bartenders
Resources Wdot.png

Sleazy - Ke$ha
Money - Cardi B
Drifter - Hippie Sabotage
Darling Nikki - Prince