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Full Name: Einar Skallgrim
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Nature: Guardian
Demeanor: Brute
Occupation: 1%'er and mechanic
Sphere: Shifter
Breed: Garou
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Moon: Ragabash
Camp: Hand of Tyr
Rite Name: Rides-Thunder

Place Holder

Woven Anchors
  • Fenrir:
    xxxxxA thorough bred child of ice and white fur. He is warrior, skald, and trickster.
  • Rotagar:
    xxxxxTrickery is a strength, so is the ability to question the status quo, not speaking up is weakness.
  • Biker:
    xxxxxCut wearing, B.A.C.A. supporting, President patched fucker. Oh and he swears a lot.

  • Visions

    EinarS1.jpg EinarS2.jpg EinarS3.jpg EinarS4.jpg EinarS5.jpg EinarS6.jpg EinarS7.jpg EinarS8.jpg

    Other Strands
  • Sonja - Fate so rarely brings such good tidings.
  • Killigrew - Mischief NOT managed.
  • Bryan - The one not managing Mischief.
  • Skully - Intense but graciously humble.
  • Taika - Warrior recognize Warrior.
  • Aldric - Jarl?

  • Runestones in Memory