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If you're reading this page, you're either in the Chargen Lite room, or soon to be headed there (CL off of the Nexus).

The Make The Player Do All The Work (MTPDATW) Chargen process can be intimidating for someone used to automated processes on other sites, but since this is how Chargen works tabletop, it's not too bad once you get used to it.

Make sure to read the instructions in the MTPDATW room, and do the +qstart before anything else. Then, crack out the core book for your sphere, plus any additional relevant books (such as the Player's Guide to the Garou for Garou wanting Merits), because you will want to follow the Chargen process from the core book, step by step. Everything goes by the book if not addressed in +rules as a house rule.

The command you will get familiar with quickly is +selfstat to set your stats. +selfstat Strength=2 is an example of how to use it. If you set a stat by mistake, clear it with +clearstat, for example +clearstat Shy if you set that Flaw but changed your mind.

If you lose track of your points spent so far, +sheettally and +abilitypoints are essential.

+clearsheet is good as a last resort if you messed up badly enough that it's time to start over.

Use the helpme channel if you have any questions, and file a +request if there's something missing. +request My favorite merit is missing=Please add the HYPERMEGAPOWER merit from MYFAVORITEBOOK Page XX.

When you're all done following all the steps from your core book, as well as the instructions in the MTPDATW room, your +approveme request will be handled promptly, checking your math and making sure the house rules and limits are followed. Approvals have been known to be completed in minutes, depending on whether she who handles approvals is on duty.

Accepted Races and Sub Races

Here is some general Sphere Information. Some specifics are also available:

The following races are valid values for RACE:
Vampire, Werewolf/Shifter, Mage, Wraith, Demon, Mortal+, Changeling, and Mortal

The following are valid values for SUBRACE:
All the shifter races (Except Nagah) including Garou, Psychic, Sorcerer, Ghoul, Possessed, Kinfolk, Risen, and Kinain

The following values are valid for FACTION:
Gaian, Wyrm, Camarilla, Independent, Anarch, Sabbat, Autarkis, Technocracy, Traditions, and Nephandi

Reference Lists

Optional: Creating a Wiki page

Creating a wiki page for your character is optional. You are not required to create one at all, and the level of "OOC Masquerade" you maintain is entirely up to you. Keep everything secret? Spill it all? Something in between? Nobody but you is allowed to choose what is revealed about your character.

Here are some Sphere Templates to help you get started, and WoD Icons for use on your page. The existing Character Pages can also be inspiring, showing what options and possibilities there are, as well as the key Categories you can put on your page.