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“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”


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  • No friends. Many enemies.

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RP Hooks
  • Ancient - Aellae was born a long, long, long time ago. She was born during a time of civil war and insanity in the Roman Empire. She was the niece of Emperor Alexander Severus, who was overthrown at the hands of his own guard. This threw the Empire into a long period of civil war, in which there were dozens of individuals all claiming the throne. Most of them were Generals.

  • Claim - Aellae, at the tender age of ten, announced that the throne of Rome should be hers. She would hardly be the first Empress of Rome. She had supporters, as she was seen as a very holy and religious girl, who paid heavy attention to the Gods. The various Cults through their interest behind her, and the girl fought hard.

  • Betrayal - At thirteen she was betrayed by one of her councilors, who attempted to assassinate her in the baths. She escaped into the streets, where she was captured by soldiers of General Decimus, her uncle and rival for the throne of Rome. In his cruel humor he sold her to a slaver, hiding her true identity.

  • Slavery - To put it very mildly : this was a rough time for the girl.

  • Brothel - Eventually she ended up back in Rome, being owned by a portly Brothel owner by the name of Brunius. It was here that she was purchased by the Cult of Vesta, who managed to get ahold of her before she did her first deed in the brothel.

  • Cult - She became a Vestal Virgin, Rome's only college of full-time priests. She served the Temple of Vesta as best she could, until she drew the attention of Claudia, an old and wise Malkavian who recognized her for who she truly was.

  • Embrace - Aellae was Embraced and she was supported by her Sire as she began to work her wiles to attempt to gain a lead on manipulation of the throne yet again. This caused issues with the other Clans, of course. She ended up Ghouling one of the new Emperor's main councilors, and paid the price.

  • Torpor - A Ventrue by the name of Janus had her attacked and Torpored, along with her Sire. Millenia passed, where she dreamed fitful dreams.

  • Stolen - Her body was hidden in the catacombs beneath Rome. Millenia passed, and eventually she was discovered, quite recently, by a cadre of tome robbers. Thinking her a mummy or something, they stole her body and brought her to America to sell her to a collector.

  • Awakened - She was sold to a Setite Elder by the name of Ishul Ibn'Sutekh, who discovered her true nature. Wanting her as a pawn, he woke her up. After a week of horrific slavery she fled the San Francisco. She's been on the run for the last several weeks, moving south.

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Aellae Decimus Reginus Caellae

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Race: Vampire
Full Name: Aellae Decimus Reginus Caellae
Date of Birth: Aprilis 7th, 277 B.C.
Occupation: Confused and Homeless Ancient
Demeanor: Autist
Clan: Malkavian
Apparent Age: Jailbait
Height: 5'


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