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Dr Zoe Dee Katz

"I can teach you how to use your wrath. You can control the taint, direct it, summon it at will. You can become the weapon of murder that you were meant to be! ...Summon your rage, stir the depths of your black heart! Summon wrath. Summon wrath and become it, for if you cannot, then you are not worthy of your blood. It should have been I. It should have been I! ATTACK ME, WORM, IF YOU DARE!!!"~Sarevok, Baldur's Gate
"The cat is out of the bag."~Dr. Eichel

RP Hooks

Non-Fiction Occuly Works:Dr Zoe Katz is an Occult Writer. While it's true she could almost certainly make more money as a Fictional author, she maintains that her stories are true, paranormal experiences that she has either reported on, or lived through. Stubbornly dedicated to declaring her work as non-fiction, her living is more than enough to keep her in a relatively nice car, good technology and mostly positive reviews (From those who think she isn't crazy). While there is a truth in her writings, there's a great deal of misinformation or malattribution. Some might believe that she's been exposed to a minority of paranormal phenomena. Her research is hardly perfect, after all, but her stories are at least gripping. Her most recent blog post reports that she is investigating the disappearance of one of her sources, in Prospect, California.

Missing Persons/Mysteries: Zoe Katz has a penchant for unexplained phenomena and missing persons. She's taken an idle interest in the disappearance of Zara Reid, her little known researcher.

Dr Zoe Die Katze, Ph.D., C.Ht.:Anyone who spent time on the internet in the right place might remember the infamous cat who was qualified as a doctor in the field of Hypnotism thanks to the digital age and the dubious nature of psuedo-scientific qualifications. Considering her name literally translates to 'Zoe the Cat' it is somewhat amusing that Zoe Katz possesses qualifications of similarly dubious sources.

Longing - Alcohol: Zoe has the least satisfying kind of alcohol problem. She craves the taste, and the way Alcohol used to make her feel. This has resulted in a taste for absinthe.

Notes: Zoe takes notes. Constantly.


Possessions of Note

2012 Audi S6 Avant Wagon – Matte Black (Custom Boot) Type-88 Semi-Automatic Rifle Springfield XD Competition Reinforced Duster Lenovo T480 Nokia 8

Reflex Emotions

Reflex Emotions

Vampires - Friend/Foe. Changelings - Prey/Predator. Garou - Animals/Tools. Mages - Terrifying/Human. Wraith - Unafraid/Curious. Demons - Unexperienced. Mortals - Negligent/Ignorant.

Qualifications and Published Works

Doctorate - Metaphysical Humanistic Studies Bachelors - Paranormal Science Certified Paranormal Investigator -- The Vampiric Cult of Parkland (Chapters 1-4 under review) The Poltergeist of Parson's Bend The Ghost in the Attic Confronting the Dead


Vera – Mentor. I don't know where to go from here. Help me. Kasumi – A reminder of what I left behind when I escaped Prospect. Maybe once upon a time it would be perfect... But I guess neither of us can hide behind being only human. Faqirah – I will avenge you. I will avenge all of you. Even if I have to tear this city down to do it. Zara - Zara Reid has been missing for a year and a half. Officially, it's the reason why Zoe has come to Prospect. She speaks of her fondly, but... Regretfully. Juliette - Engineering type. Kind of cute, but with absolutely no fashion sense. Patrick Harrison - Something about this guy is frustrating. He puts me on guard. Mikhael - Silly Rabbit. Pleasant, but silly. Claims to have a haunted door. Occult-friendly.





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