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Vic is literally an extra-dimensional alien, a human from another world. Brought into this one by a freak backlash of Paradox she is having to adapt to her new existence and the many (many many) little differences between this and her world of origin. In the two months she's been here she's established herself among the native Traditions, specifically the analog to her own Virtual Adepts, and is making friends across Prospect.

For more details about her background and that of her home dimension check out her background page.

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IRL[1] Contacts
  • Adeline: tall redheaded lab tech, good conversationalist
  • Astra: one of the first people (along with Arumi) that Vic met in this world, sorta ex-roommate
  • Bobbi: this mage has an adaptable point of view, I've learned much more than expected from her
  • Ed: L33T who's good w/IDs, potential friend (and a friend of Evie's)
  • Eden: good conversationalist
  • Evie: Pokémon enthusiast and possible protégé
  • Hardy: a good one to have in your corner; nicknamed "Aitch" by Vic on 8Sept2020
  • Hector: V-Dept Sorcerer, is cool; nicknamed "Aitch-two" by Vic on 20Sept2020
  • Katie: cute kid, been though a lot though
  • Merek: Has interesting thoughts about the Spheres
  • Raise: employer, landlord, teacher; its complicated with this Hedge
  • Rufus: a fellow Virtual Adept; nicknamed "Arr" by Vic on 18Sept2020

Online[1] Contacts

  • Melanie: I have her email
  • Nelo: I have his email
  • Vertigo: never met her but in touch with her
  • Zagy: I have his email
Disclaimer: I'm using this to represent people who ICly Vic has in her contacts list ICly. Not having a listing doesn't mean she doesn't know or care about you. It simply means she has no IC way of contacting you.

Note: If you feel your absence on this page was an oversight please reach out to me on the MUSH via page or @mail and let me know!

Gone but not Forgotten

  • Arumi: one of the first people (along with Astra) that Vic met in this world, this Etherite put Vic in touch with the local VA's and Traditions

[ edit ]
The statements below sum up Vic's understanding and opinion of various types of supernatural creatures.
Mundane Stereotypes
Sleepers. Mortals. Mundanes. What ever you call them without them we would be lessened. They are why we do the work we do.
Chicago Pizzas aren't pizzas, they're pizza-flavored pies
Seltzer water.png
Vic's opinion of seltzer water is that sparkly water is best with a "healthy" dose of flavor and sweetener.
Awakened Stereotypes
Call us Will-Workers, Mages, Adept, or some other term. We are all alike even with our differences; even the Marauders, Nephandi and Technarchs. We are brothers and sisters; as such we sometimes fight but should work together as much as possible.
The Traditions
While I view all mages as family the V-Depts are my true brothers and sisters. I've only met a few since transitioning to this world but so far I haven't found a single one that I haven't clicked with.
My fellow Technomages. I'd heard of them of course, but here they are so much better organized. Met a few since coming and, I think, I'm very lucky that it was a member of the Society of Ether and her acolyte who met me first.
The Akashics, I knew one back home. Great fighter. Very focused and cerebral out of combat. Looking forward to meeting them here in this new world.
The Order of Hermes. It was a legend back home, their fragments were supposed to impressive, world shaking and frightening. Finally met one so far here... totally not matching up to the mythos I was fed about them (especially with how nice she is).[2]
Orphans. They may be viewed as unusual here, at least based on what little I've determined so far, but back home they were the majority. Why make a big deal about it?
Everyone else. I'm reserving my judgement for now until I actually meet them.

The Others
Sorcerers. They're not Mundanes. But they aren't truly Awakened either. Never met one back home. I've met a couple since coming to this world. They're interesting, that's for sure.
Psychics? Well, one of the Sorcerers I met says he used to be one of these. I get it in theory, powers of the mind and all. But how are they not just another flavor of a Sorcerer?
Back home we call hardliner members of the Technocratic Union "Feds" because in the ISA (Incorporated States of America) they have fairly completely infiltrated the government but the Technocrats weren't a uniform juggernaut, some were on friendly terms with the surviving. I haven't met any here yet (that I'm aware of at least) but I'm open to the possibility that they aren't universally vile like I've got the impression most Tradition mages here think they are.
Marauders are mages who have gone insane. Yeah, you've heard that right, a person who can bend reality to their will with a twisted and/or broken will. When a Marauder is in town there's going to be a mess.
Nobody's talked about the Nephandi much since my arrival in this new world but what little I've heard lines up with what I knew from home. They're bad news. Take a sociopath and awaken them. A monster's monster. Yeah, `nuff said.

Heard about mythic creatures, or Bygones, back home where they've been considered extinct on Earth for centuries at least. I've found out that they aren't here. Heck, I'm now friends with one even!
Vic was sure that the fae don't exist anymore, that the Order of Reason had driven them extinct during the Renaissance; she's found out that while this may be the case back home it isn't true here. But she also hasn't ever met one... that she's aware of.
What the Sleepers think are Demons are just long twisted and malformed cultural memories of spirits and other Umbral entities.
Where there are monsters - real or perceived - there are those who will seek to find and destroy them. This translates to the supernatural as well of course. Its been implied since I arrived that this practice exists here as well. Huge surprise.
I know these blood suckers exist, knew it back home also but I actually know more than guess work based on questionable facts and absolute fiction also. I've heard they're universally monsters. But...
Where there are vampires there's going to be werewolves too; Lupines existed back home, I know that and I've been told by people I trust that they do here also. Monsters though? Who knows what the truth could be regarding that.
Sure I know Wraiths exist, I've known a mage or two who could talk to them back home and the two worlds aren't all that different are they?

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For more more pictures, check out Vic's full gallery.
leather jacket
leather jacket again

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RP Hooks
  • Vic is a Virtual Adept from another dimension
  • Egyptology (Thoth especially)
  • Cooking!
  • Dancing!
  • Computers!
  • Curiosity!
  • Technology!
[ edit ]
My schedule varies week to week, evenings EST are generally good (meaning that if I'm online you should feel free to ask!), but my days off change (potentially weekly) and will be shown below as far out as they are known.
Week of 18 Oct to 24 Oct Week of 25 Oct to 31 Oct Week of 1 Nov to 7 Oct
Mon & Tues Mon & Tues Tues & Wed
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  1. 1.0 1.1 This is referring to IC interactions naturally
  2. The changes to this are a clarification more than a true change in attitude.
  3. This is her birth name which doesn't have a legal record in this world
  4. these are online aliases
  5. If you haven't seen these on MUSH do not assume you've heard them being used please
  6. these are offline aliases
  7. this is an official Alternate ID backed up by a Background trait on her +sheet
  8. Description Text: The woman you are looking at is about average in height, standing five-foot-five when barefoot, and has a figure that is both fit and slender at the same time. Her shoulder-length, chocolate-brown hair has rainbow under dye that occasionally shows in flashes when she moves her head and her hair swishes; it is currently worn loose in waves framing her face. Her pale jade green, almond-shaped eyes gaze at the world from beneath thin and highly expressive brown brows. Her oval-shaped face is further defined by an aquiline nose, high cheekbones and a narrow chin below her thin lips which have a peaked Cupid's bow shape while her complexion has a pale golden tan cast to it. (You can see her wardrobe at her Gallery)
  9. This date is from her alternate universe, as it was 2012 there when she was accidentally transported to this world there is an eight (8) year offset in her age.
  10. While Vic has been accepted into this world's Virtual Adepts, she is not natively a member of that group as in her world there are some (minor to significant) social and technological differences.