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I think I may be addicted to attention. I had a small taste, then it seems that I find myself invisible in a room. Do I take drastic measures to try? Or do I just let myself fade away? Just a memory that maybe one or two might actually remember. Even my best friend seems to have forgotten me...Though it might be that her life is busy.

I go between having a good time and wanting to slit my wrists to watch the blood come out. Not to die. But to watch life depart slowly. It never works anyhow.

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I'm a part of the LBGT community, so for the most part I have solidarity with others of my kind.

I like to speak my mind, even if it is about taboo things in places that don't always hear such words. (So far the one I'm most proud of is having someone get offended so bad by strapon that I got kicked out of a coffee shop)

I have the hots for gingers. As far as soulless goes, i don't believe it.

pie is better than cake, unless it is cheesecake.

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Martine - Her wife. The one who has been through thick and thin with her. Forever and always.

Ashleigh - Best friend. We have a lot in common. She is my sounding board.

Lori - I like her. Maybe because she likes me.

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Sometimes I am not impressed with myself. What have I done with my life? By now I could have been a doctor...Don't look at me like that, I'm older than I look.

What I have done...I've nearly perfected my art. I've taken something old and broken, and turned it into something successful. I have given vows to someone that I didn't think existed and Now...I have little Jordan coming. So more than I thought.

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Exhibitionist? Yes

Deviant? Yes

Rich? Yes

Beautiful? Yes

Tastes? Redheads when my wife lets me.

Dances? Beautifully

Tattoos? Slightly Famous

Relationship? Less complicated than it seems. She comes First. Period.

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RP Hooks
-You want a tattoo? I can help. Former professional renowned for her my in New York, now she does it as a hobby. Just make sure that the tattoo is something with meaning, else I might not do the work.

-I own a fetish nightclub known as The Inferno

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